Baen Goes to Amazon!

Baen Goes to Amazon!

Big changes at Baen Books , and probably much for the better. Baen was founded in 1983 by Jim Baen and Simon & Schuster, where it became one of the major publishers in the science fiction field and an industry leader in innovation. Baen was one of the pioneers in electronic publishing, starting with a BBS and then with a website and chat room. The company then adopted ebooks, making it one of the earliest proponents of the medium. I remember downloading them and reading them on my iPaq Windows Mobile Pocket PC. All Baen books were, and still are, DRM-free. In another first, Baen started Webscriptions, which were serialized versions of its books at reduced prices, which were sold 3 months in advance of print publications. Baen again was a pioneer when it introduced promotional CD-ROMs, which could be purchased or downloaded for free, containing all of an author’s works. If you can think of an innovative way to distribute ebooks, Baen probably did it first.

Of course, using this model, Baen’s audience for ebooks was a bit limited. That is, you had to be a bit of a techie to get the books. They were not generally available through the main distribution media and most people who bought a Kindle , for example, would have no idea how to download a book from the company if they even knew about it in the first place.

Now, Baen will sell its books through Amazon on December 15. The books still will be DRM-free and the prices will be slightly higher. In addition, authors’ royalties will be increased by 25%. Baen is negotiating with other distribution channels, so it will not be an “Amazon exclusive.”  Toni Weisskopf, Publisher said (in the company forum Baen’s Bar) that “We felt that at this time access to expanded markets outweighed the cons. It does mean that prices for out individual ebooks will be going up to meet the rest of the market (but, yes, all titles will be DRM free).”

This is great new for Baen, its authors, and the public. Baen will get a wider distribution and the authors a higher royalty. It will, however, increase prices to readers and cut out some of the distribution methods previously used, such as the Webscription system. On the whole, however, it is encouraging to see a pioneer, who was always outside the mainstream, joining up with the rest of the industry and bringing ebooks to wider and wider audience. It is also wonderful to see that Baen’s books continue to be DRM-free.

Baen Goes to Amazon!

Good e-Reader Week in Review – Nov 8th to 14th 2010

Good e-Reader Week in Review – Nov 8th to 14th 2010

Welcome to another edition of the Good e-Reader week in Review ! Today we look back at all of the newsworthy events that have transpired over the course of the last week.

We saw a few different screen technology debut from Samsung, Triton Displays and others! We can say for sure, that the recent advent of E-Readers, Tablets and Smartphones the industry is collectivly spending billions of dollars per year in new color e-ink, LCD and AMOLED display technology.

There was also tons of news regarding the Dell Streak Android Update, Amazons new Digital Publising program for magazines and a whole lot more.

Hanvon to release Color e-Reader with e-ink

Hanvon is the largest eBook reader company in China and one of the first companies to produce a color e-Reader. Although other color e-readers are in development from companies such as LG, Havon was the first to bring to the Chinese Market.

“Color is absolutely critical for E Ink,” said James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Without it, they’ll either be replaced by LCD displays or other competitors.”

Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-950 is now available

Sony this year has lowered prices on their older e-readers and brought out three new ones! We recently got hands on reviews of the Sony PRS-350 and PRS-650, which weighed in at 5 and 6 inches. The Sony PRS-950 is the follow up to the Daily Edition brought out last year.

The New Sony PRS-950 features a 7 inch screen and WI-FI/3G access! You can interact with the device via its Touch Screen and Stylus. It has a great built in dictionary and can read many popular ebook formats including ePUB.

It retails for around $299 dollars.

Amazon Kindle Publishing for Periodicals beta program for Newspaper and Magazine Publishers

It seems like only yesterday that Amazon released their Beta Kindle for Blogs, which never seemed to really take off. Now they release a new way for digital publishers to issue new magazines via Amazons Store.

Although it only pulls magazines from RSS style feeds on websites and blogs, it does have potential. It offers a high royalty based program, around 75%. It claims to be able to have your magazine displayed on all of the Kindle App Devices such as Android, iPad, iPod Touch, and Blackberry, in the near future.

For the here and now, it only supports e-ink versions for the Kindle, so you won’t be able to convert your lovely full color PDF magazine in glorious color on any color devices, any time soon.

Rogers brings Dell Streak to Canada

Canadians rejoice, you will be able to get your hands on a Dell Streak very soon! Priced at Rogers for around $549 just for the device. They plan to start selling the Streak in the next few weeks, with tiered data plans and device discounts.

It will ship with Android 1.6, but will receive an update in the next few weeks, rumors that users will manually have to update themselves creates waves.

Samsung shows off 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED display

Samsung is leading screen developers in LCD technology and recently unveiled a new AMOLED screen of around 4.5 inches and featuring 800×480 color display. Its flexible and prototypes were shown off that allowed you to have it in smart phones, and a larger edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

E-Ink introduces Color Triton Displays

E-Ink has almost become synonymous with e-book readers so that the majority of e-readers now doing business have their display based on the e-ink technology. Its not without reason as the benefits of an e-ink display are multiple. Like it offers excellent readability that’s almost as clear as print on a real paper while being extremely low demanding on the battery. The display is also as effortless to read indoors as it is out in bright sunlight. However, there has been only one drawback with e-ink technology so far – its lack of support for color displays.

And now, E Ink Holdings seems to have covered that up as well and it seems to have  done the job well enough. E Ink Triton color ePaper , E Ink’s latest development in the field of e-paper display and one that can usher in a new revolution in the development of color e-readers besides of course adding that much needed dash of color.

LG Reveals 2 different Prototypes for Color e-Paper

We saw many new color e-ink technologies get revealed, and LG is not to be left out of the mix, with not one, but two different color e-ink screens.

The first model revealed was fully color e-ink around 9.7 inches and has a resolution of 800×600. The second model is also 9.7 inches and only features a non-color e-ink resolution of 1200×1200 and has as small strip of color on the bottom, around 200×600. You can compare this to the Barnes and Noble Nook, where the top half of the screen is e-ink and the bottom LCD Color/Touchscreen. Both screens display around 4,096 different colors in their resolution. We also have video on this.

New York Times to debut ebook Bestseller list for 2011

The New York times has been an unbiased staple in the Book Review community for the last one-hundred years. It continues to roll with the times with a new Digital eBook Best seller list to be debuted in March of next year.

The New Best Seller List for eBooks will be available in both the print and digital editions of the Times. It will feature both Fiction and Non-Fiction book titles and will be overseen by a third party company that has a track record in monitoring book sales.

It will be absolutely refreshing to have a company that does not sell ebooks, determine the best of the lot. To date, we have had to rely on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble to say whats great and whats not, often promoting their own exclusive authors.

HP Slate 500 delays pre-order shipments

The first Slate by HP should have been shipped already, but reports of Bugs in their operating system prevented the launch. HP has also experienced HIGH demand for their new Tablet that overexeeded the number of devices ordered from the manufacturer. Pre-Order customers were told that they could now get a $100 discount to make up for the delay. HP had to rehire all of the manufacturing staff just to make new units, because they did not expect the Tablet to be ordered by so many people.

Lets hope that other HP slates get developed and shipped, like their WebOS one in the works and others.

Entourage Pocket Edge gets officially announced

It seems like only yesterday that the original Entourage Edge came out, it was just earlier this year. Due to community feedback regarding the size, they just released a Mini edition of it.

Long Story Short, its a dual touch screen tablet, one screen is e-ink the other color LCD. Minor changes to the Webcam and the Mouse was tweaked, and not for the better in this offering.

Its still geared mainly at students, and is a not bad item, but customer service and technical support are non-existent. If you do buy one of these, be prepared to only have your questions addressed on their forums.

That about wraps it up, for this weeks edition of the Good e-Reader Week in Review! You might have noticed we ommited some stories, mainly we focus on the most newsworthy events of the week, essential stories. We know not everyone can follow all of the days news, so if you are casual with your tech fix, we cover it all!

If you want to join a book club, or want to talk shop about e-readers, ebooks, digital publishing and so on, check out our online interactive community, the Good e-Reader Forum .

Good e-Reader Week in Review – Nov 8th to 14th 2010

Build a Google Book Scanner

Build a Google Book Scanner

Google wants more and more people to scan and digitize books. According to Hack A Day , Google has released plans for a do-it-yourself book scanner. It uses two image sensors taken from a desktop scanner, has a sheet metal body, and uses a vacuum cleaner to automatically turn pages. According to the article, it will cost about $15,00 to construct.

Google has the plans up on a Google Code page , and above is a Google video of a Google TechTalk explaining the process.

Build a Google Book Scanner

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

You might have heard about this term “Mobile Workforce”. This concept revolves around the fact that a mobile phone is changing the style of business management and incorporating new ways of business development. The concept of having a paperless office is finally gaining momentum. The era of 9 to 5 job has been over. Thanks to laptops, smartphones and tabloids. All you need is an internet connection and you are done with your work. How to manage the new mobile workforce is bothering employees.

According to a study, 3 of 5 workers say that they don’t need to be in the office anymore to be productive. While 32% rely on more than one mobile device.

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

If you analyze then you will see that most of the businesses have gone online. They hire consultants who work from homes, etc. The power of the mobile workforce has lots of benefits. It has also opened new avenues for business growth.

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

But how you as an employer need to take care of your company’s confidential information? Some common threats that companies have been facing are the leakage of company secrets online. That is not only bad for company repute, but also raises concerns among employers regarding dishonest employees.

If you will be given choice of a monitoring app that can tell you the activities of your employee’s phone, then many would go for it. Among a list of reliable monitoring apps, the name of StealthGenie stands out. It provides key insights of your employee’s phone in real time. The best part is that it is undetectable.

The business communication being made plays a vital role in building your repute. So, you have to make sure that all kinds of communications meet your company vision. As an employer, you need to look at the incoming and outgoing emails.

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

In case you don’t know the key benefits of Mobile workforce, I have listed down few.

  • Better work-life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer service
  • More workflow flexibility

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

What Else You Can Monitor?

The list is long, but few basic monitoring features that you can get are

Monitor Internet Activities

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

View GPS Location

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

Check Instant Messengers

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

It is always being said that “Change is the only constant thing in life”, it covers all the areas ranging from business to personal life. The future of businesses is mobile and you need to change your approach and have to think, keeping the threats in mind. If you are going online, then how you can secure yourself is a must too.

According to another survey, following are the mobile platforms that employers have planned to support.

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

Before you finally give your decision of choosing a monitoring app for your business, here is one case for you. The cost of data leak can cost you more than your imagination. According to one news story, insider data theft costs Bank of America $10 million and that is huge . As the technology is providing flexible working hours and generating more mobile workforce, you have to tackle the challenge by making wise decisions for you. With a monitoring app, you can not only manage a mobile workforce, but can develop a loyal team of employees with utmost ease.

Manage Mobile Workforce With Android Monitoring App

Doctor Who Short Stories Come to eBooks in the UK

Doctor Who Short Stories Come to eBooks in the UK

Being a rabid Doctor Who fan, I just had to cover this story from The Guardian . Doctor Who is up for its 50th anniversary! To celebrate, Puffin and BBC Worldwide will be publishing a series of original Doctor Who stories by famous children’s authors, who are described by the publishers as ranging from commercial blockbusters to literary-award winners. A new story will be released as an ebook on the 23rd of each month and will cost £1.99. The article does not say whether the stories will be available outside of the UK.

The first author will be Eoin Colfer, who is the creater of Artemis Fowl and who “finished” the Hitchhikers Guide
series. The story will feature William Hartnell’s portrayal of the Doctor and future ebooks will each re-imagine a different one of the eleven Doctors.

Doctor Who Short Stories Come to eBooks in the UK