Official Amazon App Coming to BB10 This Month

Official Amazon App Coming to BB10 This Month

The Amazon Kindle e-Reading app has been one of the most asked for apps for the Blackberry Playbook since it first came out. Amazon has never developed an official app for the platform, but is expected to release its seminal reading app and bookstore this March on BB10 .

Rumors are swirling that Amazon is actively developing a native version of its app to be released sometime in March. This will give customers the ability to both buy and read books on their Z10 phone. Currently, the only way to get Kindle working is to sideload in the converted Android file and the main downside is that you always need to maintain a WIFI connection.

This potential app might be good news for everyone in the Blackberry sphere who is really looking for a mainstream reading app to hit their platform. Currently no big name company has a dedicated reading app for BB10.

Official Amazon App Coming to BB10 This Month

Texet TB-418FL e-Reader Launches in Russia

Texet TB-418FL e-Reader Launches in Russia

Texet has bucked the trend of the standard six inch e-reader in Russia with the advent of the eight inch TB-418FL. The company has released numerous e-readers over the course of the last few years and this one is the best one yet.

The Texet TB-418FL features a eight inch screen with a resolution of 1024×768. It has a the same front-lit display that Amazon and Kobo employ in their latest generation models. It has a 800MHZ processor and 4 GB of internal storage. There is no WIFI or built in bookstore, instead customers are reliant in loading in their own eBooks. It does support a myriad of formats including DOC, DJVU, TXT, PDF, EPUB, PDB, FB2, HTML, RTF, MOBI, CHM.

The vast majority of e-readers in Russia have no established ecosystem to purchase books. The market is plagued by rampant piracy and Pocketbook is the only major player that actually runs a bookstore, but tend to just have copyright free editions. iMobilco is currently one of the most notable digital bookstores in Russia and currently has 20% of the market. The largest entity is LitRes, which is the most dominant and controls 60% of the market. Sergei Anuriev, the general director of LitRes, believes that by 2015 the entire ebook segment will increase to 5%, which will be equivalent of $90 million in sales.

One of the main reasons digital sales are so paltry is because of piracy. Eksmo, Russia’s largest publishing house, recently commented that 95% of all ebooks are pirate copies. This results in close to $120 million in losses for the entire digital publishing industry. It is currently estimated that between 100,000-110,000 titles are available as pirated editions, compared to just 60,000 available legally.

The Texet TB-418FL is available now and costs 7499 rubles.

Texet TB-418FL e-Reader Launches in Russia

The NOOKdeveloper program by Barnes and Noble

The NOOKdeveloper program by Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble just announced today that the new Nook Color e-Reader will be available late November. Although it does not have access to the Google Android Market, they have opened up an exclusive new program for the Nook Color entitled NOOKdeveloper. This will allow developers to customize existing Android applications, or create new ones for the Nook Color e-Reader.

In a very short period of time Barnes & Noble has become one of the industry leaders with their range of eBooks and e-readers. With the impending launch of NOOKdeveloper, Barnes & Noble will offer content providers and application developers access to revenue sharing opportunities for Barnes and Noble and their extended network. Their network includes Barnes and Noble website, and their College bookstores across the country.

“With NOOKdeveloper, we’re opening our doors to content providers and developers to change the future of reading together,” said Jamie Iannone, President of Barnes & Noble Digital Products. “We invite developers across all platforms to join us in growing our eReading ecosystem by creating engaging content and reading-centric applications for our millions of customers to enjoy on NOOK Color and beyond.”

Developers can revolutionize how people read, beginning with NOOKcolor, the ultimate reading experience. They can setup audio, video, pictures and text in full color. This will take cookbooks, childerns books, and unique applications in a different direction. You will also be able to extend book content with applications from cooking to travel to science and nature, helping readers further explore their interests. Expand beyond reading with word games, puzzles, and more when it’s time to take a break from a favorite book or magazine.

The new NOOKdeveloper program will get access to a special SDK, tools, documentation and a community forum to troubleshoot applications. You will also get access to exclusive Web API’S to tap into other facets of Barnes and Noble. Starting in early 2011, developers will be able to submit their applications for sale to millions of readers.

In our opinion the NOOK Developer program is a step in the right direction, since most Android Applications will not work with the Nook Color right out of the box, some tweaking may be required. The SDK will allow existing Google App owners to tailor their programs to better suit a dedicated reading device. Of course, the Nook Color will come bundled with Microsoft Open Office, Pandora and a slew of other applications. You can bet, Facebook, Twitter and other companies will get into the game.

Developers can learn more about the new program and sign up for NOOKdeveloper at

The NOOKdeveloper program by Barnes and Noble

Pocketbook PRO 902 e-Reader Video Review

Pocketbook PRO 902 e-Reader Video Review

Welcome to another official Good e-Reader Video Review ! Today we are giving you a total review of one of the largest e-ink based readers, the Pocketbook 902 .

The Pocketbook PRO 902 is a 9.7 inch e-reader with a resolution of 1200×825 and 166 DPI. At its core it features a Samsung 533 MHz processor and has 256 MB of internal RAM. It also has 2 GB of internal Flash memory and you can further enhance it up to 32 GB via the micro USB port.

This continues to be one of our favorite large screen e-readers and you’ll have to watch our video to learn why!

Pocketbook PRO 902 e-Reader Video Review

Barnes and Noble Hypes Free Content on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Barnes and Noble Hypes Free Content on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Barnes and Noble has just launched a brand new tablet in conjunction with Samsung. It costs $179 with a $20 mail in rebate, but the bookseller is hyping the fact you get an extra $200 worth of free content. What free stuff are they actually giving out?

When you pick up a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook you get three free eBooks. Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, The Wanderer by Sharon Creech and I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.

Customers can also pick 4 digital magazines from a pool of 12 for a free two week trial. There is a ton of great content, including Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, and US Weekly. Back issues are also available for your selected magazines at no extra cost.

Nook Video is giving free content to the hit HBO Series Veep, Hannibal, and Orphan Black.

New Barnes and Noble customers are also automatically given $5.00 in free credit when they buy the new tablet, giving them the ability to either get an eBook for free or use the money to subsidize a new mainstream bestseller.

Barnes and Noble is really hyping the free content as a way to lure existing customers to upgrade and offer a big incentive to new people looking for a tablet billed as an e-reader.

Barnes and Noble Hypes Free Content on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Now Available for $79

Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Now Available for $79

Barnes and Noble has lowered the USA price of the Nook Simple Touch Reader to a meager $79, putting this e-reader onto the same level as the Amazon Kindle 5th generation and Kobo Mini. The device is available at 700 Barnes & Noble retail stores, hundreds of Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, online at, and through other leading retailers offering Nook products, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

The Nook Simple Touch continues to be one of the company’s most successful e-readers of all time. The decreased price really makes it a viable stocking stuffer for even the pickiest person on your holiday list. If you live outside the USA, Shop e-Readers has also lowered the price.

Barnes and Noble Simple Touch Now Available for $79

Icarus Excel Features 9.7 inch Screen and Android 4.0

Icarus Excel Features 9.7 inch Screen and Android 4.0

Netherlands based e-reader company Icarus has just revamped their wildly successful 9.7 inch Excel e-reader with Android 4.0. This will allow users to not only have a very large screen display to take notes but also install their own e-reading apps.

The big trend of 2014 so far has been the open Android concept with e-readers. In the past, most of them all ran Linux and were physically unable to do anything, other than what the manufacturer intended. When it comes to smaller companies like Icarus, Onyx or Pocketbook, they all found it hard to compete against the juggernauts of the industry. Android levels the playing field, giving customers the option to deal with whatever ecosystem they want. I really like the freedom of choice concept to download Kindle, or Kobo or whatever 3rd party news app.

The Icarus Excel features a 9.7 e-ink Pearl display with a resolution of 1280×825 pixels and 167 DPI. It has a full touchscreen display, but only responds to the accompanied WACOM stylus. Underneath the hood lurks a solid 800 MHZ Freescale CPU processor and it has 256 MB of Ram. Storage gives you 4 GB to play around with and can be expanded up to 32 GB via the SD Card.

Not much has changed on the hardware front, as this is the same Excel that was released last year. The only thing that is different is the software running Android 4.0. Users can download and install apps from the Good e-Reader App Store, which comes pre-loaded.

The device is fairly expensive and is retailing for 319.95€ from the main Icarus website . If you live outside of Europe, you can pre-order it from Shop e-Readers .

Icarus Excel Features 9.7 inch Screen and Android 4.0