eBook Search Site Al Kutub to be Launched Soon

eBook Search Site Al Kutub to be Launched Soon

Al Kutub is the latest site for the Middle-east all dealing with ebooks , but what makes Al Kutub different from the rest is that the site acts more as a search engine rather than actually hosting the digital books on its servers. It functions by initiating an online search for the requested title and procures it from multiple sources such as forums, sellers, or even social sites such as Facebook. It’s designed to display the ebooks using iframe technology, where Arabic language titles are shown in PDF format.

Users won’t be aware of where the ebook has been sourced from; they won’t even be served the link of the ebook source, which is a clever move as this will ensure users remain tied to the Al Kutub site. Nevertheless, the venture has already attracted a lot of attention, having garnered a subscriber base of more than 10,000 in just a span of 12 days. Mohammed Nemat Allah, who has been associated with Al Kutub for the past three years, has stated they plan to build a database of 120,000 or more titles, which will also include audiobooks as well. Nemat Allah is also confident that their business model is perfectly safe, claiming anyone who has issues with the books showing up on his site can go remove the ebook from the source site first.

Al Kutub has a four tier usage model where users won’t be charged anything for reading and downloading scanned copies. Soon users will be charged on a periodic basis for reading and downloading the books. Users will also have the option of placing an order for the paperback version of the ebook via Al Kutub. Lastly, users will be able to place an order for the paper version from Sour Al Uzbakiya, which happens to be a book hub in Egypt that hosts some of the oldest and rarest books from the region.

Al Kutub also has other ambitious plans which include launching a social networking service having its own messaging and notification center. There will be a reading group where members can engage in discussions pertaining to books. The site will also let users read or borrow content online, while making such activity (including comments) visible to everyone or set to private friends. Nemat Allah also revealed a plan to diversify to other languages such English, German, Spanish, and Chinese in future. The site is currently in its beta stages and the final version will be launched soon. An iOS and Android Al Kutub app will be made available.

eBook Search Site Al Kutub to be Launched Soon

Kobo Developing a Loyalty Program called KoboLove

Kobo Developing a Loyalty Program called KoboLove

Kobo is in the process of finalizing a new loyalty program that will give you points whenever you purchase an e-book. These points can be redeemed to get free content from Kobo.

The exact logistics of the program is currently unknown but it looks like Kobo will be introducing a free tier where you earn 4 points for every $5.00 you spend and a paid VIP Tier where you earn double points on everything you purchase and save an additional 10% off during Kobo promotions. During certain times of the year Kobo will also be running KoboLove Bonus Days, where both the free and paid tier will get double the normal points.

The semantics of KoboLove should be publicly released in the coming weeks, right now we only have traces of the loyalty program that were spotted in a recent firmware update for some of their e-readers.

Kobo Developing a Loyalty Program called KoboLove

Google Play Books Loses PDF Upload Support

Google Play Books Loses PDF Upload Support

Google Play Books introduced a feature last week that would allow people to upload EPUB and PDF books into their Play Books account right on their tablet. All you had to do was simply copy and paste the book on your device or email it to yourself and save the attachment. Google has now suspended the PDF uploading feature from your device but has kept EPUB working for now. The only way you can upload PDF Files now is to use Google’s online tool that will upload it directly to the cloud.

Google Play Books Loses PDF Upload Support

China Shanghai International Children鈥檚 Book Fair to Kick Off Nov 7

China Shanghai International Children鈥檚 Book Fair to Kick Off Nov 7

Publishers from all over the world have made a beeline for the China Shanghai International Children鈥檚 Book Fair, set to run from Nov 7-10. Among the publishers that have confirmed their participation at the event include Hachette, HarperCollins, Oxford University Press, Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill and Garnet Education. The country is home to more than 230 million people below the age of sixteen, which translates into a $5 billion children鈥檚 publishing industry. The segment has been showing impressive growth, with children鈥檚 publication having increased by 35 percent between 2011 and 2012.

“The purchasing power of young Chinese parents is huge, with more than 52% preferring to buy books than borrowing from libraries. In fact, 70% of these parents purchase books for their kids every month,鈥?says senior project manager Randy Wang from Reed Exhibitions that is managing the entire event. 鈥淭he statistics from China鈥檚 biggest online retailer Dangdang.com shows that 80% and 90% of the top 10 children鈥檚 bestsellers in 2012 and 2011, respectively, were imported titles. On the other hand, teachers and educators are in dire need for new educational materials while parents and their children are looking for imported titles to add variety to their reading list and broadening their understanding of various world cultures.鈥?/p>

This happens to be the inaugural event, and is being organized by the Shanghai Press & Publication Administration, the China Education & Publishing Media Group, and China Universal Publication & Press, in acknowledgement of the growing importance that the children鈥檚 book segment now commands.

Lucy Vanderbilt, group rights director for HarperCollins, said: “In the last year we鈥檝e done a few major deals in China , including for David Walliams and for Judith Kerr鈥檚 backlist. There鈥檚 a really strong appetite for our books at all ages鈥攑icture books and chapter books. I鈥檓 going to spend time with our customers and see what Chinese publishers themselves are doing. Many travel to Frankfurt, Bologna and the London Book Fair, but this is a chance to meet the publishers who don鈥檛 travel.”

The significance of the event for the publishers can be gauged from the words of Adrian Mellor, Managing Director of Asia Education for Oxford University Press who said: “We see the CBBF as an important new channel for furthering our reach in the growing Asian market. It allows us to find new partners and opportunities for disseminating our wealth of resources for children鈥攑ublished both in the UK and in our four branches in Asia. It also acts as a perfect complement to Bologna, enabling us to reach different markets at a different time of year.”

Speaking about the event, Wang said: 鈥淐BFF is focused on facilitating closer interactions between industry players local and international, between publishers and the reading public, and between authors and their fans. Exhibitors and attendees will discover a huge range of content鈥攂ooks, e-books , educational software and other edutainment products鈥攁nd we hope they will go away wanting more and looking forward to the next CBFF.鈥?/p>

The slogan adopted for the China Shanghai International Children鈥檚 Book Fair is 鈥淐ontent Without Borders.”

China Shanghai International Children鈥檚 Book Fair to Kick Off Nov 7

Overdrive Updates eBook Platform for Schools

Overdrive Updates eBook Platform for Schools

Overdrive has just revised its ebook lending system for K12 schools, just in time for September. The new school ebook interface features simplified browsing and checkout processes and engages students with fun and colorful design elements. The upgrade is PC only for the fall semester and mobile apps should see it coming down the pipe in the coming months.

In addition to offering a streamlined experience, the new platform will encourage students to further explore their reading interests. When students check out a title, they’ll see suggestions for similar ebooks and audiobooks relating to the author or genre selected. The interface is customizable with your school’s name, and students will discover fun features like the ability to personalize background colors. From our Content Reserve collection development portal, you can stock your virtual shelves with ebooks and audiobooks from our growing catalog of more than 300,000 age-appropriate titles, including everything from required reading, nonfiction, and classics to popular fiction like The Hunger Games, foreign language titles, and the entire Harry Potter series—an OverDrive exclusive.

Overdrive Updates eBook Platform for Schools

Top 10 List of the highest earning Book Authors

Just last month Amazon published a report of its authors whom have sold the most ebooks online . Today Forbes published a report of the highest earners of the ebook industry. This report covers the time period between June 1 2009 and June 2 2010. It not only covers book sales, but film rights, gaming deals, and other income.

Although the publishing industry is seen to be experiencing a downturn in sales, authors are making more then ever. Bestselling thriller ebook author James Patterson was at the very top of the list, making over 70 million dollars. This figure includes his most recent book published “The Postcard Killers”. Recently James has signed a new 17 book deal, that would bring his earnings up to 100 million dollars.

This might sound like allot and it is, but James Patterson who is a nimber 63 years of age, and has over 50 Bestselling books under his belt. He’s been in the game a long time, and has a very devote following of readers.

Patterson is not the only one making money. Paranormal Vampire author phenom Stephenie Meyer made around 40 million, and ranks number 2 on the Forbes list. The bulk of this income was mainly derived by the Twilight Series of Movies.

Followed up to these 2 are Horror and suspense guru Stephen King (34 million) and Romance icon Danielle Steele (32 million). These two authors not only made a fair income in book sales, but residual income from movies. Stephen King will likely raise a spot next year with a new deal with DC Comics to co-write a comic book series; a musical with John Mellencamp; and a drama series with the SyFy network based on his novella The Colorado Kid.

The List continues with British writing Ken Follett (20 million), whom is best known for his seminal series The Pillers of Earth. Ken explains that “This is my most popular book. It still sells about 100,000 copies a year in paperback in the US, it was number one in the UK and Italy and it was on the German best seller list for six years. It’s overwhelmingly the book that readers talk to me about when I meet them in bookshops. It’s becoming a cult”.

The Horror continues as the bane of good vibes Dean Koontz (18 million) took the number six spot with his tales of strife. He made this money primarily with his new tale “The Husband”, which was also been optioned for a movie.

Mystery and Romance author Janet Evanovich (16 million), whom is best known for her Stephanie Plum series ranked at number seven. Her latest iteration of the series was “Sizzling Sixteen”. Janet considers her series to inspired by the movie Midnight Run, staring Robert De Niro.

Number 8 is reserved for legal thriller scribe John Grisham (15 million). This year his main success was the new legal thriller, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer. Which is mainly aimed at the teen market, and stars a young protagonist. He also earned a chunk of money from the ebook versions of his books that just went up this year with Random House.

Sauntering down at number 9 is suave Romance writer Nicholas Sparks (14 million). His most recent book The Last song did quite well in sales and his upcoming book Safe Haven is projected to be a best seller. Over his career Nicholas sparks sold 55 million books and his movies based on the books, has done over $300 million.

Closing this report of the highest earning book authors, at number 10 we have J.K Rowling ($10 million). Also this has been a slow year for Rowling with no new book to be issued, she is the worlds only billion dollar author. Her Harry Potter series of books, is seen by some as a generation defining series of books.

Source: Forbes

Top 10 List of the highest earning Book Authors

Kerala Bhasha Institute to Enter eBook Arena

Kerala Bhasha Institute to Enter eBook Arena

The State Institute of Languages from the South Indian state of Kerala, or the Kerala Bhasha Institute, is the latest from the country to use e-reader technology to further their publishing works. The back-end support for the project is being sought from C-Dit, revealed Institute director M R Thampan, who further stated big time players in the segment (such as Amazon) will also be approached for making their ebooks available across the net.

“We have made a basic framework for e-book publishing and discussions are going on with service providers,” said the Director who also went on to add, “Our aim is to make our books available to Malayalis worldwide.”

The project also envisages making the ebooks prepared by the institute available to not only ebook readers and tablet PCs , but smartphone devices as well.

To start off the project, books on Dr BR Ambedkar, noted Indian philosopher and jurist, are being targeted for conversion into digital format. The institute is also involved in a UNNESCO project, through which the institute will be publishing a series named History of Mankind. Three of the volumes have already been published, while the remaining three are expected to be completed within this year. What makes it significant is that this is the first time that the series is being translated into any Indian language.

Kerala Bhasha Institute to Enter eBook Arena