Naruto: Shippuden Episode #250 Anime Review

Naruto: Shippuden Episode #250 Anime Review The past is relegated to its place once again as this focus on the here and now.

What They Say:
Guy arrives at the Waterfall of Truth to help Naruto with his training. Instead he encounters Kisame, who has infiltrated the island to locate Naruto and Killer Bee.

The Review:
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With what Naruto has learned about his family history, it’s interesting and surprisingly appropriate to get his response here now that his time with his mother is finished. It’s left him with a big impact on how he views things but it’s also a brief moment of proper reflection where he knows that he’s proven himself over the years and gained respect from his friends and others in the village. And for someone like me who initially hated the series, he’s garnered my respect and admiration as well for what’s been done. So having him stand firm and say that he’s going to be a better man than his father and a better shinobi than his mother may sound strange, but it’s completely appropriate for him to want to surpass them based on his personality and desire to make them proud of him even more.

With some good feelings having been resolved here and the admiration of others really coming through from Killer Bee and Yamato, things take a different turn rather quickly as Naruto is channeling the Nine Tails chakra, always an interesting visual, and discovering that something else is there with them. Considering the way the series has run for the last few months, it’s easy to forget that Kisame had inserted himself onto Killer Bee’s person but we get a quick reminder of it and some good action out of it as well since he poses quite a threat now that he’s been surprisingly easily discovered. The fight gets some additional help rather quickly as Guy and others show up and even though Guy adds a bit of levity to it, he’s still more serious than he was in the filler arc and that’s a hugely welcome thing.

With the way the last few episodes has focused so heavily on background material – excellent background material with some great action to it at the end – that the show swings to action here isn’t much of a surprise and it works well to showcase the series in a way that’s decent but not exceptional. Naruto isn’t a huge part of it here as everyone else does what they can while he gets fixed up and that lets those who’ve been sidelined for the past bit to get some decent time on screen, especially with Guy coming across well in the fight against Kisame. But he’s not the only one, though you feel a bit bad for Killer Bee. Still, what it does here is to shift the narrative away from Nrauto’s family history for a bit and as engaging as it was, it’s good to get the focus back on the immediate present and the issues of the day there.

In Summary:
With this episode shifting gears back to the present after a very welcome look at the past that brought part of the show full circle, we get Naruto to be a bit player here as others take the center stage in dealing with an attack. It’s pretty much action focused and lets Guy shine a fair bit as well which is welcome after the way he was treated in the season of filler. It’s not exactly a standout episode, though I liked that they finally dealt with Kisame after all this time, but it works well in changing the narrative back to where it needs to be and providing for some good action that will make fans happy. I liked it well enough and it capped off the previous storyline well, but it wasn’t a huge mover and shaker. It’s what the show definitely needed though.

Grade: B

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Naruto: Shippuden Episode #250 Anime Review