Moretsu Pirates Episode #07 Anime Review

Moretsu Pirates Episode #07 Anime Review Marika’s missions continue to be a new element sneaks in at the very end here.

What They Say:
Marika Katou is a freshman in high school who lives on the planet “Umi no Akehoshi” somewhere in space. One day, she is told that her father, who she thought was dead, was actually alive until just a while ago, and was the captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru. And she also finds out that they need her, his heir, to be captain so that they can keep flying! Marika begins a new life as a high school girl, and as captain of the pirate ship Bentenmaru!

The Review:
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With Marika now having taken on the role of captain and gone through her first mission with a bit of flair and theatricality that really sold it well, she’s now facing the new challenge. How to manage her space faring life with her school life. As she learns, the jobs that they’ve been taking are small ones that can be accomplished in a single day so as to not interfere much with her school schedule. They want her to be able to finish things, but they’re also bringing out the possibility of her leaving school outright to deal with her newfound duties. But to her credit, Marika wants to graduate and do some things with her friends when she can. And it makes sense if you’re a legal pirate to at least graduate high school.

While this does set the stage for things, Marika continues to be good at what she does as the group hits a new mission and gets out into space again to be the pirates that they are. It is amusing to see Marika complain about the outfit and wait to see how she’ll eventually change it since it’s a problem for her, but I have to admit that I like it and the costumes the rest wear for their respective positions. It has the right kind of flair that lets it stand out from how most science fiction shows are done these days, especially the majority that play it straight and go for either a more militaristic style or something more casual and ragtag. Here, they know what their status and reputation is and they make a grand first impression, especially as we saw in the previous episode with Marika’s first mission.

Part of the appeal for the series continues to be in its execution of tactics though, which we saw heavily with the slow but steady Odette II arc. With this episode, we do get to see a bit more of it as the mission has them dealing with the main ship itself and the way it handles what’s going on with the request to surrender and all the escort ships that have their own idea of what should be done. It’s not a huge, fast paced event but it’s not as slow either which is good. It hits some decent moments and reinforces the kinds of things that Marika needs to keep in mind about her position and that she’s still largely a figurehead at this point as the rest of the crew is running the majority of the mission. She’s learning and things like this nudge her faster into taking on the role fully.

In Summary:
The seventh episode of the series continues to massage Marika into her position as captain in a few ways. We see more of how she’s handling the captaincy itself and what she has to learn, especially about leading the crew rather than just being a part of it all. We also see how she’s intent on carrying through with her responsibilities in school and at home which is good to see as it paints her as a responsible person rather than someone who will just run off at the first chance and live the life of high adventures. There’s definitely a lot to like here but the show continues to move at a very specific pace and exploration of ideas that goes against what most series of this nature are like and that continues to be a big positive in its favor.

Grade: B

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Moretsu Pirates Episode #07 Anime Review