Yurumate3Dei Episode #05 Anime Review

Yurumate3Dei Episode #05 Anime Review Do we really want to know what these kids are going to wish for?

What They Say:
It’s Tanabata and as everyone writes wishes, things start to get out of hand.

The Review:
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Yurumates has certainly not been what I expected based on the first episode with the twist and turn it took in making Yurume quite the little evil girl. She’s fit into the place well and even while doing some Tanabata notes, she’s easily engaging in the potential request of having the world invaded and destroyed by martians as a wish simply because it’d be weirdly fun. With the festival near, the fun of writing the wish notes is thoroughly engaged in by all and they all have weird and unusual ones. And a fun way of hanging them from the ceiling in order to try and be in the mood. That’s just the start of it though as it goes all over the map with what they do with it, leading to some good laughs at their misfortune.

In Summary:
Yurumates continues to be an odd show in a lot of ways and I really have no idea what to expect from week to week, even when you get the basic idea of what it’s going to be about. And that’s pretty refreshing, even if it’s not hugely interesting. The short form storytelling is what’s holding it back, but it’s also not a show that would excel at a longer length, though it could do well with five minutes just to breathe a little more. I continue to like the characters and their snarky and aggressive attitudes, especially when Yurume gets all up in it, but I’m also hard pressed to really know any of them a lot of the time. They’re archetypes pure and simple, but fun nonetheless.

Grade: B-

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Yurumate3Dei Episode #05 Anime Review