Argevollen Episode #16 Anime Review

Argevollen Episode #16 Anime Review

Argevollen Episode 16

Gotta read up on those side effects people

What They Say:
The National Federation of Ingelmia has declared war on the United Kingdom of Arandas in its conquest of expanding its borders. Susumu Tokimune is a new pilot for the Arandas army and during a mission he encounters an armored vehicle containing a robot called Argevollen as well as a young girl named Jamie Hazaford. After saving Jamie’s life, Susumu becomes the pilot for the Argevollen and uses it to battle against the Ingelmian forces.

The Review:
Content(warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
With last week’s episode having paid out on most of the buildup the series has been carrying so far, this week’s episode is focused primarily on the aftermath, and it’s ultimately a necessary one given the stakes. The episode opens up with Cayanne and Suguro discussing their plans going forward and something involving an Outer and Inner shell. Exactly what their up to left pretty vague but it’s pretty clear that is has something to do with the Argevollen, and that they aren’t finished with Susumu just yet.

Things then cut back to right where we left off last week with Susumu being told he can’t pilot the Argevollen again. He doesn’t take it very well as expected, but Captain Samonji warns him the Argevollen could end up killing him before the enemy does. Susumu doesn’t quite understand what he means by that but he does get an idea of exactly what happened to him when Jamie gives him an audio feed of his rampage and tells him that he attacked one of his own allies in the process. However all this still isn’t quite enough to convince him so he goes back to the Captain to ask again since Susumu thinks it may have just been a one time thing but the Captain isn’t so certain as he unveils the rather painful truth about the Argevollen that’s been growing more and more apparent: that it’s based off of the same experiment Susumu’s sister Reika died from.

While the revelation itself isn’t terribly surprising, what is strange is the fact that the Captain and the sub-commander had known pretty much the entire time and allowed him to pilot it anyway. They believed that things would be fine so long as it was useful and he didn’t display any weird symptoms, though Susumu still doesn’t quite think this revelation is enough to make him stop piloting. However this bit of news does disturb Jamie enough to start looking into looking into some of the details concerning the side effects of piloting it.

What she finds is pretty disturbing as they include increased aggression which we curiously see Richtoften start displaying symptoms of on the Inglemia side of things, as well as an eventual complete loss of personality. She decides to take these findings up with Suguro who assures her that Susumu’s current symptoms are all within normal standards…but when she argues against him he raises a pretty blatant red flag of her not knowing what the abnormal symptoms actually look like which disturbs her more. Afterwards she goes to Susumu to warn him about what he may be in for since she’s worried about what’ll happen if he dies, but he doesn’t quite get the picture and the two start arguing before Inglemia launches another attack.

In Summary:
This week’s episode is a pretty slow one, but it delivers on enough new revelations to stay to keep from dragging too much. The twist concerning the Argevollen was pretty obvious from the get-go but it will be interesting is how it affects Susumu when he inevitably pilots it again as well as what it’ll do concerning Richtoften and his new machine. Things are starting to ramp up a bit more and it should hopefully be a fun ride to see where it’s all headed.

Grade: B

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Argevollen Episode #16 Anime Review