Hayate The Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Episode #07 Anime Review

Hayate The Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Episode #07 Anime Review When a wealthy girl can’t get a plane ticket…

What They Say:
The Black Camellia has been found, but it’s all the way in America. The problem is everyone has a reason for wanting to go to America, but no one has any money… What to do?

The Review:
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As the series continues to sputter on a bit, having some decent moments but also some drawn out pointless moments, the show now has the gang ready for a mission. The Black Camellia has been found and it’s in Vegas. So Nagi is all set to get there and deal with it before it disappears, but the problem comes down to the fact that there’s no money for tickets. Did I miss the part where Nagi now has no money, even though she’s the wealthy heir to a family fortune? And resides in a massive house with all sorts of easy trinkets to sell to garner the money for everyone easily? Or is it that she just doesn’t want to help Ruri do what it is she wants done in securing the Black Camellia?

The first half of the episode involves coming to grips with these events and the discovery by Hayate of a contest that will allow some tickets to New York City to be acquired. It all goes so quickly and with so little meat and content to it that it’s pretty surprising. Having Ruri fill out the form is amusing since her handwriting is awful, especially compared to Nagi, but to have it come down to a question and answer kind of competition just leaves you rolling your eyes. The whole sequence devoted to this gets to be pretty dull very quickly, especially since the questions are so unusual and meaningless when you get down to it that it’s all about just passing the time. It turns into the kind of quiz where the more random your answer, the more correct you.

And that can make for some amusing moments at times (see: Sket Dance), but with the writing here it’s just a poor, old wooden crutch that should have been put out to pasture some time ago. And then it goes on to a bit of dreamscape style storytelling material about Ruri when she was little and the Black Camellia which doesn’t help anything in the slightest. Similar to the early part of the episode, it just makes the whole thing even more annoying in that it becomes overdrawn and dull. Ruri certainly hasn’t captivated e by any stretch of the imagination and whatever new material we get about her isn’t changing that perception in the slightest.

In Summary:
While the show does advance things ever so slightly towards the end when it comes to Ruri and the Black Camellia, there’s still this massive sense of “who cares” about all of it. Really. Ruri’s not a bad character but she really hasn’t brought anything to the table to make me like or care about her much. If anything, she continues to take away from the rest of the cast that continues to feel like they’re second stringers a lot of the time. Hayate’s role here is pretty slim and even Nagi does as well. While I’m not a huge fan of the property overall, I generally like a good bit of it but this series is continuing to wear out its welcome with each new episode.

Grade: C

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Hayate The Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Episode #07 Anime Review