Rosario+Vampire Season II Vol. #08 Manga Review

Rosario+Vampire Season II Vol. #08 Manga Review A friend from the past appears as an enemy in the present!

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Akihisa Ikeda
Translation: Kaori Inoue
English Adaptation: Gerard Jones

What They Say:
Love bites!
To suppress a vampire who longs to destroy the world…
A. Suppress yourself
B. Express yourself
C. Second-guess yourself

With the mansion being swarmed and the heavy hitters still asleep, things look bad for our heroes. Deciding things could use a little speeding up, Kurumu decides to dive into Moka’s dream herself. Within the dream, the group watches as Moka celebrates her 10th birthday. Late that night, Aqua leads Moka deep into a forbidden part of the house. As they descend further and further underground, Aqua tells Moka of “First Ancestors,” powerful progenitors of vampire clans whose power is passed down by sucking their blood. It turns out that one of those First Ancestors, Alucard, once absorbed a large number of creatures and transformed into a huge monster in order to wipe out humanity. According to Aqua, his body now rests in the mansion’s basement. His power is Aqua’s goal, which is something she hasn’t admitted to anyone but Moka.

Moka’s mother soon finds out that she saw the monster in the basement, and begins preparations for Moka to move away first thing in the morning. She gives Moka the rosario, and tells her to live happily as a normal girl. After Moka is gone, Aqua confronts her mother, Akasha, a First Ancestor who defeated Aluicard with her two allies and became known as one of the “Three Dark Lords.” Moka gets upset and rushes back, only to see her mother slashed in half by Aqua’s powerful Dimension Sword. Furious at the sight, Moka erupts with a fierce power and beats back Aqua, causing her to realize where the power of the First Ancestor truly lies.

In the middle of the fight, Alucard suddenly awakens, bursting through the mansion and grabbing Moka. At this, Akasha reappears, aparantly able to handle being chopped in half. It is then revealed that Moka’s First Ancestor powers are tied to Alucard, and their awakening awakened him as well. In order to save Moka, Akasha and Aqua rush into battle together, pulverizing the massive beast. However, Akasha realizes she cannot kill the monster, so she rushes into its attack and attaches the rosario to Moka, sealing her personality and Alucard together. Akasha is consumed, and the group learns that Outer Moka is a pseudo-personality created by the Rosario, a fact that crushes Tsukune’s heart. It is at this moment that Kurumu bursts into the dream and joins up with the others. In the real world, the Huang parents confront Aqua with a considerable show of force, but it proves useless and they are struck down.

Lost in the dream, Tsukune stumbles into a memory and learns that the Outer Moka is a near perfect pseudo personality, in a way like Akasha reborn. Seeing her suffering, he blurts out his love for her. Aqua proceeds to where the group is in the real world, and is suddenly stopped by Lingling, who surprisingly can also wield the Dimension Sword! Will our heroes wake up in time to save their friends?!

In Summary:
A lot of background info and a lot of action make this a fun and intriguing volume. Aqua really becomes an interesting character here, and she certainly steals the show. The large look into Moka’s home life is also cool to see, particularly the scenes with Moka’s mother. Most importantly, this volume introduces some rather high-power concepts that seem to be leading towards some sort of conclusion, which is definitely a nice touch. Add in some rather touching emotional scenes, and you have a pretty great volume.

Content Grade: A-
Art Grade: A-
Package Rating: A-
Text/Translation Rating: B

Age Rating: 13+
Released by: Viz Media
Release Date: April 3rd, 2012
MSRP: $9.99

Rosario+Vampire Season II Vol. #08 Manga Review