Yurumate3Dei Episode #16 Anime Review

Yurumate3Dei Episode #16 Anime Review Every nation needs a Golden Week.

What They Say:
It’s Golden Week and all the residents are going home except for poor Yuru.

The Review:
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With the crew of peopel that we have here, Golden Week should certainly offer up some potential if we get to see their lives back with family. With the residents all getting ready to head home for the week, we get some fun with that, especially as they talk about how Matsukichi must be from another world. For Sae and her younger sister, it’s a good opportunity to take her back for awhile. But for Yurume, she’s not heading home. Getting to see the others head home is really cute since they have such different places, though you want to laugh at Matsukichi the most. But it’s Yurume who wins the show with what she does to fool herself a bit by camping out in her room and having nothing but trouble. As old as she is, you have to feel like she’s at least ten years younger as I know kids exactly like her.

In Summary:
While we don’t get a big look at where everyone is from, there are some very cute moments here. As much as I like Yurume and I do think her scenes are the best as she struggles, I love the outlandish results we get from Matsukichi as he goes on. Sae’s approach to visiting home is a lot of fun too since she’s like an old lady in a way, just pleased to see that little’s changed and that everything is like it was, “so nostalgic” as she puts it. It’s cute and fun and we get a lot of quick amusing bits here, even if it’s not a laugh out loud series of events.

Grade: B

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Yurumate3Dei Episode #16 Anime Review