Magica Wars Episode #08 Anime Review

Magica Wars Episode #08 Anime Review

Magica Wars Episode 8

Rin makes the case for why she must be a magical girl.

What They Say:
In every decade or hundreds of years, the dragon moves its body as if it tosses about unconsciously. The movement becomes the distortion and causes impurity. This “impurity” lavishes an evil on people. And now, there is a huge indication of a distortion. Gods foresaw the greatest harm would happen to Japan, divide own power and give it off as a messenger of God (“Shinshi”) in Japan to gather mediums, or “Magica” who can expel the “impurity”. With the magical weapon the power of Gods, “Magica” will fight to stop evils in Japan.”

The Review:
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The introduction of Rin in the previous episode certainly hit all the right notes, especially get transformations out of the way quickly, and having her being an eager participant also helped a lot. With her eager to be the magical girl and do what’s needed, we see her making the convincing case in the tunnel as she has the creatures to dispense with, even as her familiar is panicking far more than her. With a brief transformation sequence, we instead get style over everything else here as she makes the attack in some creative and beautifully animated ways, even if it once again has little substance or meat to chew on in terms of story.

In Summary:
Establishing Rin a bit more with her familiar and getting a bit of action taken care of works nicely here, though it is in a familiar mold because there’s not a lot of substance. But in a lot of ways that’s fairly well expected now after seeing eight episodes of the series. It’s taking its own approach and using the short form style to suit its needs and a lot of what we get is nicely stylized and fun mini stories that are light and enjoyable and very appealing with the animation and design. This episode is no exception.

Grade: B-

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Magica Wars Episode #08 Anime Review