Hetalia: World Twinkle Episode #01 Anime Review

Hetalia: World Twinkle Episode #01 Anime Review The boys are back. Oh, wait, the cats are back!

What They Say:
The G8 nation-cats gather again today to discuss household policies as well as the trading of canned cat food.

The Review:
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Though I was a heavy fan of this property in the first couple of seasons, I ended up holding out more for the home video releases in more recent material simply because it’s easy to marathon the show and enjoy it more. But I also wanted to at least check out a little of the new season, World Twinkle, because it has been a bit since I got to experience some of this fun and quirky little show. And I’m glad I did since we basically get the first episode dealing with the cat-version of the cast doing their thing in the G8 form.

With Italy basically introducing us around to the main nations, just adding –cat to their name while having some small identifying aspects to their designs, the concept of how the world works in terms of politics through the G8 is certainly comical. As if these characters couldn’t get cuter. The episode focuses on an issue with the European side of the G8 as there’s some issues with “household” funds and how much food has been cut to its members as they try to find solutions to it. Naturally, it doesn’t really delve much into it, but it has some hilarious call outs to things along the way as well as other overall UN member-cats. There’s even a ghost-like visit from a certain restored painting of Jesus that absolutely sets off the right kind of laughs.

In Summary:
While Hetalia does work well as something to watch weekly as a one-off kind of thing to just sample and be silly with, I do find it a lot more appealing to watch a lot of it at once. The season opener for the show is definitely a lot of fun though as we get to do the whole cat-nation thing again and while it’s not huge on laughs, it’s definitely going to delight the internet with its heavy cat fan faction. The characters have been turned into a lot of things over the years and the cat side has always delighted me. The show has its own way and it looks like this season is certainly sticking to it overall, which is a very good thing.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: FUNimation

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Hetalia: World Twinkle Episode #01 Anime Review