Wake Up, Girls! Zoo Episode #08 Anime Review

Wake Up, Girls! Zoo Episode #08 Anime Review A new approach!

What They Say:
In order to save the zoo, the members of WUG ZOO formed WUG, a new pro wrestling organization.

The Review:
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Having seen the girls do a couple of different things to try and raise awareness and attendance at the zoo, they’re now going into another expected area – pro wrestling! Considering its popularity in Japan, it’s surprising that we don’t see more of them. The girls form WUG, a new organization, and get going with all kinds of silly animal/girl wrestling moments. With the zoo managers serving as commentary, we get some silly fun as the various personality clashes come to life in this new form here with a whole lot of goofy intensity. Naturally, there’s not a lot in the way of real wrestling here, but we get a lot of verbal sparring and insults being flung about as grudges are dealt with in silly ways – including song.

In Summary:
The show certainly knows how to hit the right little quirky notes along the way with what it wants to do and providing a wrestling episode is definitely spot on. While wrestling does absolutely nothing for me, it provides a cute outlet for the characters here to have some fun without being all that physical since they go in a different direction. Just getting some of their names and seeing Hayashi win the day and title at the end is pretty fun to watch.

Grade: B-

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Wake Up, Girls! Zoo Episode #08 Anime Review