Star Wars Thursday: Party Games Edition

Star Wars Thursday: Party Games Edition Welcome to this week’s edition of Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of all things fun, wild, and wacky in the Star Wars universe!

As the holidays draw near, you may be considering how to throw a party that stands out from the crowd. Whether for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just to geek out on a weekend, you can’t go wrong adding a little Star Wars flair to the event. Adults may even forgive you for making them play games if they are Star Wars based. YOU are not “too old to begin the training”, are you?

Lightsaber Limbo
While they are an “elegant weapon, for a more civilized age”, there’s no reason you can’t use your lightsaber to have a bit of fun at your party. Thankfully, the weapons available in our galaxy won’t actually burn your face off or amputate a limb if you use them to limbo!

“But with the blast shield down….”
This isn’t documented anywhere that I could find online, but I think it would be fun. Grab a helmet – any handy Star Wars helmet you have around the house. You’ll need to cover up the eyes so that the victim… er…. participant can’t see. Equip them with a lightsaber and pelt them with mini marshmallows. Can they use the force to sense the projectiles before they are hit? This might be even more fun after the drinking games (see below!)

Drinking game
I’m sure you’ve all noticed how often Luke whines, or the frequency with which someone “has a bad feeling about this”. Well, use it to your advantage at the party. Fire up your DVD (or BluRay) and get playing. Half the fun will be trying to keep track of all of the rules while your guests drift further into an inebriated state. Check out the official rules here .

DIY Lightsabers:
Don’t want to splurge on expensive lightsabers? Grab some cheap pool “noodles” and make your own! This has the added benefit of keeping your guests from giving one another concussions when they inevitably decide to hit each other over the head. Check out the directions here, at Instructables :

Star Wars Thursday: Party Games Edition

I’m just dying to try some of these games at my Thanksgiving gathering. Somehow I doubt my friends and family will allow me to upload those videos to YouTube, though. Now I just need some great party food… the hunt is on!

Until next week – May the Force be with you.

Star Wars Thursday: Party Games Edition