‘Twilight’ Sweeps The Leg, Kills Competition

‘Twilight’ Sweeps The Leg, Kills Competition You just know that Summit Entertainment is going to feel some pain when this series of films concludes since they’re such absolute cash cows. With a budget of $110 million, and being just the first of two parts as the second part is due out this time next year, the pre-Thanksgiving opening weekend box office for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 brought in $139 million just in the US and captured some $283 million worldwide. Just let that sink in for a minute. A whole lot of films never make their budget back in the theatrical window, never mind going as far as this. Big summer blockbusters bring in plenty of money and work it over several weeks in order to try and achieve these numbers.

Following that up there’s some good stuff out there to be sure and Happy Feet 2 made a “strong” showing in second place with $22 million, but it’s budget is actually greater than Twilight’s was by about $25 million. But like the original, it will have a strong after theatrical market life. Immortals is doing good numbers again in its second week by bringing its total up to $53 million in the US and $82 million worldwide, though it’s budget seems to range between $80-120 million so it’s hard to say where it’ll be. But for an R rated movie like this, these are definitely good numbers overall and will continue to find an audience for a few more weeks with people having time off for the holidays.

Domestic Film Box Office (Estimates) Weekend of Nov 18-20

Rank Film Name Distributor Name Weekend Revenue Cume Revenue Locs Loc Avg
1 Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The Summit Entertainment 139,500,000 139,500,000 4,061 34,351
2 Happy Feet 2 Warner Bros. 22,025,000 22,025,000 3,606 6,107
3 Immortals Relativity Media 12,252,000 52,979,930 3,120 3,926
4 Jack And Jill Sony 12,000,000 41,027,906 3,438 3,490
5 Puss In Boots Paramount 10,725,000 122,312,562 3,415 3,140
6 Tower Heist Universal 6,957,830 53,391,605 2,942 2,365
7 J. Edgar Warner Bros. 5,900,000 20,694,694 1,947 3,030
8 Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, A Warner Bros. 2,900,000 28,332,846 1,808 1,603
9 In Time 20th Century Fox 1,675,000 33,418,841 1,367 1,225
10 Descendants, The Fox Searchlight 1,222,344 1,301,544 29 42,149
11 Paranormal Activity 3 Paramount 1,000,000 102,618,677 1,402 713
12 Footloose Paramount 835,000 50,140,680 1,218 685

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‘Twilight’ Sweeps The Leg, Kills Competition