Chitose Get You Episode #21 Anime Review

Chitose Get You Episode #21 Anime Review Beware what you’ll find when cleaning out the closet.

What They Say:
Chitose helps her mom clean and discovers some letters…

The Review:
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Chitose Get You has been careful overall to not expand the cast too much, which is good since there’s only so much time to work with. Focusing on the core characters drives plenty of the short burst humor and you hate to see less of them in favor of new characters. But some you do want to see, such as Chitose’s mother, who through some creative camera placement, gets some time to shine here in getting Chitose to help clean up a bit around the house for a round of spring cleaning. Hilariously, Chitose gets to discover lots of things in this process about her mother as she was inundated with love letters over the years, both before and after getting married. That’s just the least of Chitose’s troubles though as her baby clothes are found and must be tried on…

In Summary:
Exploring just a little bit about Chitose’ mother certainly explains a fair bit about Chitose herself and where her life can go. But we also see that while she was and is loved by many men, she’s also a doting mother who wants to revisit the past with her daughter in a cruel, cruel yet hilarious way. You have to feel bad for Chitose, but she’s so conniving sometimes that it’s good to see her get taken down a peg or two like this by family.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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Chitose Get You Episode #21 Anime Review