Miss Komori Can’t Decline Episode #03 Anime Review

Miss Komori Can’t Decline Episode #03 Anime Review Throwin’ shade.

What They Say:
“Komori-san is popular!”

The Review:
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Komori’s pleasure in life is dervied from being helpful of others and we’ve seen the way it gets her into a fair bit of trouble already. There’s some cuteness throughout this episode as we see the same thing continuing to happen, though she does actually manage to push back from time to time over it when it come to what some ask – such as hanging out at one of her friends house in order to properly wake her up in the morning. She at least pushes back on that by telling them to get more sleep. The best though is during gym class where due to her height she inadvertently ends up providing a good bit of shade for others. It’s simple but the visual of it is just utterly adorable.

In Summary:
As a gag comedy, Miss Komori Can’t Decide is certainly cute enough. After getting used to more story based short-form series recently it’s been an adjustment to just enjoy what is in essence simple four-panel gags brought to life to the point where you could easy freeze frame it and reveal said panels. Komori and her friends make me grin with what they do and it’s easily helped by some great looking designs rather than something that went on the cheap. It is utter and complete fluff yet it also makes me smile, so it pretty much wins. It’s a show that could use a mild bump up of the additional two minutes though.

Grade: C+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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Miss Komori Can’t Decline Episode #03 Anime Review