Anime de Training! EX Episode #06 Anime Review

Anime de Training! EX Episode #06 Anime Review This is pretty tough indeed!

What They Say:
Five girls who are aiming to become idols, lead the viewer through practicing various types of training, such as push-up, sit-up, back extension, dance, yoga, stretch, trunk training, and Tai Chi, while talking to viewers.

The Review:
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After a group dancing lesson the last time around, this week goes for something a little different as we’re introduced to a new girl. She’s a shy girl with glasses that’s a bit tired because she doesn’t get enough sleep so she comes up with some exercises that will help her sleep better in the end. This means lots of back kicks and the like. Which we get to see her do the full on stretches for and really work those legs and arms. And her mouth as well with the way she has to express each strain of her body. We do get some time to know her a bit as she talks about some stuff that’s happened at school between exercises, but that’s just designed to make you feel all the more about her as she gets into another exercise position that’s just hilarious to watch because of how they design it to be so sexual.

In Summary:
Another episode, another week of me feeling dirty as hell for watching this. Yet indescribably glad that I did so.

Grade: C+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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Anime de Training! EX Episode #06 Anime Review

Anime de Training! EX Episode #06 Anime Review