Media Blasters Sets August Anime Release Schedule

Media Blasters Sets August Anime Release Schedule The August anime solicitations from Media Blasters for their main line of works has surfaced at Right Stuf today and it’s a trio of priced down re-releases that are certainly worth taking a look at. Bringing these down in price significantly, with the first two previously listed at $50 and the third at $40 during their previous release, it’s well over a 50% discount for the same content in likely just a new wrapping. And they’re definitely fun works to check out as well. Add in some well placed discounts and coupons and it’s practically getting some of this for free.

  • Ah! My Buddha: Complete Collection (AnimeWorks Classics) – 350 minutes? – $19.99 – 8/14/12
  • Doujin Work: Complete Collection (AnimeWorks Classics) – 300 minutes – $19.99 – 8/14/12
  • Nighthead Genesis: Complete Collection (AnimeWorks Classics) – 600 minutes – $19.99 – 8/14/12

[Source: TFP Forums ]

Media Blasters Sets August Anime Release Schedule