Sentai Filmworks Sets ‘Parasyte’ Anime English Dub Open Auditions

Sentai Filmworks Sets ‘Parasyte’ Anime English Dub Open Auditions Sentai Filmworks is obviously going to go big with their acquisition of the series Parasyte -the maxim-, and now we’re seeing them getting the fans involved in a fun way. They’ve announced that they’re going to be doing some open auditions at Anime Matsuri this month for people to try out for some bit parts in the series which will have them going to the company itself later to do the actual voicing.

“To celebrate our new show, we will be holding live auditions for some bit parts in the series. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll actually get to visit Sentai Filmworks Studios and voice a minor character in the show. Plus, you’ll get to see your name in the credits of our future release of Parasyte! If you think you have what it takes, head to our booth for your chance to “Be Consumed” by Parasyte. ;)”

Also fun to see is that they’re doing some interactive things with fans at the convention with “PARASYTE BODY PAINTING”

“Right next door to our live audition space will be our Parasyte body painting station, where you’ll be able to get your own Parasyte painted onto your arm or face by our professional body painter. An adorable/blood curdling Migi can be yours, but you’ll have to make it to our booth first, so don’t miss out!”

Hopefully both of these aspects end up as extras on the home video release in some form!

Sentai Filmworks Sets ‘Parasyte’ Anime English Dub Open Auditions