Zettai Boei Leviatan Episode #02 Anime Review

Zettai Boei Leviatan Episode #02 Anime Review

Zettai Boei Leviatan Episode 2

All eyes are on Bahamut, or at least what’s left of her as she succumbs to some quicksand.

What They Say:
Syrop tries to convince Bahamut to join the Aquafall Defense, but Bahamut has other worries on her mind.

The Review:
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The opening episode of Leviatan was interesting in some ways, especially for how slow it moved and some of the parallels that you could see with other well known series like Magic Knight Rayearth. But while it had its interesting bits along the way, it was just such an odd work in others that it felt like it wasn’t sure what it wanted to do and where it wanted to go, even though we had such a big event occurring in the background here. Everything is in a state where it should be on full alert, but so many people are just blasé about everything or unaware of it that it came down to a feeling that nobody cared about the end of the world. Except for some cute girls, of course.

With this episode, a good bit of its time is spent with Bahamut as she’s getting herself on track with everything that’s happened after meeting the others before. She manages to get some approval from her father over her use of magic previously and there’s a kind of amusing relationship between father and daughter here that Syrop sees and is kind of weirded out by. For Syrop, trying to spend time with Bahamut is good and bad as seeing how crazy her father is over Bahamut makes it difficult, but there’s so many other positives as well with the food, clothes and general locale that they get to hang out in. And Bahamut is a pretty nice girl overall here with what she does and how she acts, making it a decent pairing for the first half as they just hang out for awhile.

While this is going on, we get to see how Leviatan is spending her time helping out at the bar where she gets to use her special talents to try and serve the patrons. Which is just ever so engaging to watch and actually makes you excited when we get back to Bahamut as she’s doing her investigation. This ends up providing a bit of a goofy challenge for her and Syrop that brings a small amount of stress to the relationship, but as you can imagine from a series like this it’s quickly resolved. And with a little help from the others since Syrop lucks out and finds Jormungand and Leviatan, both of which are struggling with their own issues, to come and help her out before she’s sucked under by the quicksand. Admittedly, you do have to laugh along with them when they come across the real scene, but you also know how it all plays out and it feels very easy throughout the episode to simply tune out.

In Summary:
With the second episode of Zettai Boei Leviatan, I can’t tell if my headache came because of the episode or it was just coincidence. The show didn’t win me over in the first episode and with this one it just feels even a bit worse, even though it may feel like it’s doing a bit more in terms of events. They’re just events that don’t seem to matter and show us characters that aren’t compelling in the slightest. But they’re not even characters you can get behind as you might in a simple school room series where they all just sit around talking. There are some cute moments here, but they don’t do much to help the series overall and it doesn’t really seem to push everyone where they need to be, even with the bit of action we do get. I like magical girl shows in general and ones like this in concept with otherworldly designs and nature about it, but what it does here continues to just be subpar and weak.

Grade: C-

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Zettai Boei Leviatan Episode #02 Anime Review