‘Star Wars: Battle Pod’ Game Gets Concept Promo

‘Star Wars: Battle Pod’ Game Gets Concept Promo While a few promos for this made it out earlier in the week from Bandai Namco Games, the official Star Wars channel is now getting in on the new Battle Pod game with a behind the scenes segment that goes from concept to cockpit. With a 1200lb structure that immerses you into various aspects of the original Star Wars trilogy, you get to try your hand at battles from the Battle of Yavin to Endor. Naturally, the prequel fight sequences are nowhere to be seen here, which is a real shame.

Star Wars: Battle Pod, with an enveloping dome screen, air blasts, and rumble, redefines the Star Wars arcade experience for a new generation. The first Star Wars game ever was an arcade shooter, released in 1983, and many other Star Wars arcade games followed through the years — Star Wars: Battle Pod hearkens back to that tradition.

“We’re going back to our roots, so to speak,” says Lucasfilm’s Matt Shell, “in developing this really exciting arcade unit.”

“You can’t bring an experience like that home,” says associate producer Derek Williams.

‘Star Wars: Battle Pod’ Game Gets Concept Promo