Yuru Yuri Episode #11 Anime Review

Yuru Yuri Episode #11 Anime Review A photo album shows us just how little some of these girls have changed over the years.

What They Say:
I am Toshino Kyoko. I am currently in charge of the Amusement Club. All the members of the Amusement Club are in attendance today. There’s Yui, Akari-chan, Chinatsu-chan and… me. I certainly enjoy spending time with everyone, but I can’t play all the time. Besides, this room belongs to the tea club. Rules are meant to be followed. …I’ve made up my mind. Listen up, everyone. As of today, the Amusement Club is–

The Review:
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Yuru Yuri has had a lot of fun with its cast of characters in the present day with the kinds of things they’re getting involved in and there’s been plenty of laughs. But can we go back to when these kids were younger, the ones that knew each other, and give us a look at them in elementary school that doesn’t paint it as decidedly perverted and twisted? Well, for the most part the answer should be yes, they can. But we have Kyoko here and it’s easy to see just how early on her interest in messing with people and in girls themselves came about, though it’s a very cute if simple moment. The group that knows each other at this point aren’t exactly friendly either when they meet on the playground, leading to a slap fight that’s comical.

Playground silliness is easy enough to watch, especially as Yui pushes back against the aggressive Chinatsu, but it’s Kyoko that makes you laugh the most as she cries when things start turning badly. The bits from the past, as told from the present when everyone is hanging out in the club room, is rather well connected in a way since they’re going through a photo album. It lets it be a natural tale of the past without forcing things in a bad way. Kyoko’s personality makes it extra fun as well since she’s rose coloring everything through her eyes while Akari just gets to be so serious about it all, which Kyoko makes fun of easily enough. The whole teenage girl personality thing here comes into effect just right and it becomes even clearer that Kyoko is just a troublemaker, plain and simple.

Thankfully, the episode doesn’t spend all its time there and does work in the present, but it’s all a little more colored by what we saw when they’re going since most of them really haven’t changed. While Yui is better as she is now, less prone to quick action, she’s still a strong defender of her friends. Kyoko plays up things heavily when it suits her needs so there’s no surprises there and Akari is pretty much the same. There’s a certain cuteness to them in the present after seeing them as kids though, and you have to like what you see a little more because of it. There’s not a lot of real meat to the episode after that, but more of a reinforcement of who they are after seeing them in their younger form.

In Summary:
Yuru Yuri has some good fun here with this episode but it takes a surprisingly more serious turn as it progresses as they deal with Kyoko and the way she tries to change herself after all the talk about how she used to be comes to light. It’s not an easy thing for the others to accept since they’re so used to the outgoing Kyoko, so seeing her being polite, quiet and pleasantly social is off-putting and just feels wrong. It’s fun to see all sides of Kyoko and who she is, but the others get to play a good role here and it’s definitely welcome to see Akari actually have a role within an episode here rather than a periphary character like she’s been relegated to recently. It’s good fun to be had here that doesn’t stretch but knows how to win over its audience with cute material while still slipping in a twist or two.

Grade: B

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Yuru Yuri Episode #11 Anime Review