Diabolik Lovers Episode #11 Anime Review

Diabolik Lovers Episode #11 Anime Review

Diabolik Lovers Episode 11

Cordelia continues to become the most interesting character of any show this season.

What They Say:
Cordelia flaunts her reanimation amongst the members of the Sakamaki household, who immediately want her and her lover, Richter, out of their home, once and for all.

The Review:
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Watching as Cordelia played within Yui’s body was certainly interesting in the last episode and seeing Yui being snapped out of it all the more so for the confusion that arises. But Cordelia is most assuredly not going away from this form and she’s continuing to have some intriguing discussions and body language with Richter, which makes the whole situation even creepier. Just her expressions completely change who Yui is as we’ve known her and it says a lot that they can take a character that we’ve known for so many episodes and tweak it in just a few ways so as to make her almost completely different with nothing more than how she carries herself or expresses herself. And Cordelia is most assuredly expressing herself.

Which is why on top of their already poor view of her, the boys of Sakamaki house are all the more intent on getting her out of there, along with Richter of course. The pair bring such an air of negativity to them that it doesn’t take long for the boys of the house to be on the same page in wanting them out as we see different ways of trying to convince them to do just that, from verbal to physical and an undercurrent of threats. The banter between the two sides is a lot of fun to watch since she’s so superior to them all and she comes across as basically toying with them, but it’s hard to imagine that they haven’t prepared on some level to deal with her. Nor that there are issues between her and Richter that start to surface as well as his trust goes only so far. Particularly since he has his own goals when it comes to her and the family that we know go back quite a few years based on the flashback episodes. And seeing his intensity take center stage here, it has the same kind of cold beauty that the boys have had when they dealt with Yui.

In Summary:
Events move slowly for a lot of this episode and like any good drama piece, it all hits hard in the last couple of minutes as people take stands and do what they need to in order to survive. The twists from its are delicious and it fits in so well with what we know of the cast and their motivations. The dialogue between the cast is definitely fun to watch as it plays with emotions well and a good bit of history that’s being dealt with as well as the general power grab that’s going on here. Cordelia continues to be a delight to watch and this episode is no exception since she has so much coming through her facial expressions that you really have to pay attention to what she’s doing.

Grade: B+

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Diabolik Lovers Episode #11 Anime Review