Shonen Hollywood Episode #06 Anime Review

Shonen Hollywood Episode #06 Anime Review

Shonen Hollywood Episode 6

The calm after a performance.

What They Say:
After forgetting his lines during “AIR BOYS,” Makki isn’t sure if HOLLYWOOD TOKYO is the right place for him after all. After all, he isn’t naturally gifted at acting like Kira. But if this isn’t his spe-cial place, where does he belong?

The Review:
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While I completely understood why they did what they did in the previous episode by putting the cast fully in character for a short play that took up the entire episode, it was definitely a challenge to get through. What we got was a look at how they perform and some of the quirks of it all, and a chance for them to gain some legitimate confidence that can help propel them forward, but it also gave me a stage play that I had absolutely no interest in. I liked the setting of doing it in the crew’s cabin in an airplane and there were some creative aspects to it, but the story of the play itself bored me silly and made the episode as a whole a chore, even as I said I could appreciate what it was they were trying to do.

With the performance done, we get to see the mild high that the guys are riding off of as they go through the various stages of life afterwards, both at the theater and back at home. Some of this focuses on Kakeru as he goes about his day, but we get a nod towards others as the mundane aspects of life poke through pretty hard. The first half works through all of this fairly well, especially in that there’s a kind of ho-hum aspect to life after a show as you get back into the routine. The silliness is cute, the camaraderie is built up a bit more and the training, exercises and practices move into full swing once again with what they need to do in order to keep on their toes and excel at their craft. But there’s also the minor school stuff that comes into play as well, which has an odd feeling with Kakeru and the sorta kinda harassment he’s getting from others.

The show does spend some time going through some of the struggles that each of them are facing at this period, including a little time with the president coming down to present a few words of wisdom from up on high, and a lot of what we get is a kind of smoothing over of issues that the kids are facing. Not that they’re facing anything significant or huge, but a lot of the usual kinds of teenage angst and worry that comes into play. There’s something decent about how it plays out since it doesn’t get overly dramatic or full of hand wringing moments, but it also lacks something to really make you invest in the characters again as there’s no big moment to really draw you into the situation. In the end, the real takeaway from this episode is watching how the group has gotten more comfortable around each other and are becoming friends.

In Summary:
Shonen Hollywood has another episode where it does some decent minor things, but for the most part it’s largely forgettable. There’s some decent character interactions and movements here as we see the group becoming better friends, but there’s not much to latch onto beyond that and the whole thing is, well, too mellow for its own good at this point and without a seeming point or end goal to really rally behind. That keeps things feeling like they move slowly, which isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have much to get enthused about either.

Grade: C

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Shonen Hollywood Episode #06 Anime Review