Majestic Prince Episode #07 Anime Review

Majestic Prince Episode #07 Anime Review

Majestic Prince Episode 7

It’s time to get a better look at the Wulgaru.

What They Say:
The Wulgaru are preparing to retaliate after losing one of their bases while the GDF prepares to launch an attack of their own. Meanwhile, Izuru’s pit crew tries to give him a little taste of what it’s like to have a family.

The Review:
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With the gang having said goodbye to the training part of their career, at least the academy side of it, we got a bit of closure at that point for the kids. Their lives have certainly been chaotic since being thrust headlong into things as a team made up of individuals. Individuals that haven’t been all that engaging for me, especially since they’ve largely been going up against a faceless enemy. We’ve gotten a few nods here and there, but there’s just not been a lot to the enemy in order to make them appealing in any way. That starts to change here as we get some time with the Wulgaru, who are rightly frustrated at having suffered some losses recently and most particularly an important base as we saw previously from the Team Rabbits side of things.

What we do get is a look at the group, mostly nameless in the first half as we see them going through their discussion side of things with what’s happened and how they have to deal with it. The Wulgaru are a stark contrast to what the Earth forces are like in that while humanity is familiar with its uniforms, structure and general hierarchy, what we see of the Wulgaru more resembles a European feudal kind of system with nobility types that are pushing for more action while intrigue and other aspects play out. Unfortunately, there’s only so much time given to them here overall and it’s introducing some of these aspects a bit late in the game overall rather than setting the foundation earlier.

While the Walkgaru plot and plan their retaliation for what’s happened, the Earth forces are making their own moves to build on the momentum that they have. While we see that described in a very public fashion, we also get the Team Rabbits crew welcoming a new member of the team at large in Peko, a priestess like character who is their new manager of sorts that’s small in size and relative cuteness with an eternal smile. While we have the larger action setup in the background, a lot of what we get here is the Team Rabbits crew settling into their new digs, seeing all the fun that can be had there but also just working to get along with each other better, which is definitely necessary as even after all this time and events, they’re still not a full on team.

In Summary:
Majestic Prince enters something of a transitional episode here, which is definitely welcome overall if it can actually move things in a more engaging way as it progresses. What we get here in the first half is spending some quality time with the Wulgaru and what they’re thinking of doing now that they’ve suffered some setbacks. It’s welcome to see them and their ways, but it’s feeling a bit tacked on at this point to try and give us a connectable enemy. The flip side of the episode focuses on the Team Rabbits guys and their arrival at their new home where they get to meet some new people and settle into things. It’s decent enough and Peko could be interesting if lightly used, but for the most part it’s just more of the same.

Grade: C

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Majestic Prince Episode #07 Anime Review