AnimEigo Reveals New Anime Pricing Survey

AnimEigo Reveals New Anime Pricing Survey The folks at AnimEigo certainly seemed to have have a lot of fun while working through their Kickstarter for Bubbegum Crisis Ultimate Edition with what they learned and some of the tools that were developed for it. It also seems to have reinvigorated things a bit as the company is now looking to license several classic anime TV series from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s with plans to try and bring them out through the crowdfunding model, which has worked well for them in the past with Macross as well.

In order to get a bit more data from fans, they have a new DVD vs Blu-ray pricing survey out to see what people are interested in as well as their comfort zone/range before adding in any sort of stretch goals or the like.

The premise is essentially:

“Imagine that AnimEigo has just announced that we’re going to be crowdfunding a classic TV series that you love. We intend to release it one season at a time, and the first season contains 26 25-minute episodes (650 minutes of old-school anime goodness). With that series firmly in mind, answer the following questions:”

So head on over to the DVD vs Blu-ray pricing survey and help out not only yourself, but other anime fans too.

AnimEigo Reveals New Anime Pricing Survey