Tom Hardy Tackling ’100 Bullets’ Adaptation

Tom Hardy Tackling ’100 Bullets’ Adaptation With a lot of critical and fan acclaim, the Vertigo series 100 Bullets ran from 199 to 2009 and generated a number of great trades and deluxe editions. And now that project is set to move into the world of film in a way that should make it a really solid reality. Tom Hardy, recently of Mad Max: Fury Road, has signed on to produce and star in the film for New Line Cinema, a sub-studio of Warner Bros. He’s producing alongside Dean Baker who has been working on it for a bit and already has a script for it from Chris Borrelli. According to the initial reports, it looks to stay true to the source material, something that some films naturally stray from for a variety of reasons.

The original series comes from Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso and ran for 100 issues to tell its tale. It was a Harvey in 2002 Best Writer, Best Artist and Best Continuing Series, and the 2003 Harvey Award for Best Artist, as well as the 2001 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story, and the 2002 and 2004 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.

Plot concept: This dark and intriguing Eisner Award-winning series features a mysterious agent named Graves who approaches ordinary citizens and gives them an opportunity to exact revenge on a person who has wronged them. Offering his clients an attaché case containing proof of the deed and a gun, he guarantees his “clients” full immunity for all of their actions, including murder.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter ]

Tom Hardy Tackling ’100 Bullets’ Adaptation