Triage X Episode #06 Anime Review

Triage X Episode #06 Anime Review Oriha steps up to the plate.

What They Say:
Mochizuki General Hospital boasts some of the most well-trained (and well-endowed) nurses in town. But though these ladies spend much of their day battling sickness, their after-hours are spent fighting a very different sort of disease…Under the leadership of the hospital chairman, a handful of staff members and local teenagers form a group of mercenary assassins, targeting the “cancers” of society and excising those individuals before their wickedness spreads.

The Review:
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Triage X went and worked with the supporting cast the last time around as the Neo TV facility was taken over by a terrorist group with their own agenda that really didn’t register or connect well. What it allowed to happen was that the supporting characters got their time to show off a bit in the building as it was taken over, but it also went for the silly fanservice by having the terrorists place all the girls alongside the edge of the building on the eighteenth floor with the window blown out as a threat to kill them until their demands are met .That they were stripped down to their bra and panties wasn’t a surprise for this show, but it also just reinforced how forced he fanservice is here when it doesn’t need to be. So many shows can do it well and in theme that doing it this way just makes it uninteresting.

Amusingly, the first hostage about to be tossed over does her best to seduce the lead terrorist by showing off her assets to him, which the other girls don’t appreciate since it means one of them might get tossed instead. Which leads to them yelling at her and calling her grandma. It’s just silly. What ends up saving them in general is that Oriha is still running around in the building causing trouble as she takes down people, which is her job as a member of Black Label. But the terrorist leader knows who they are and is pretty sharp in general with some of these angles and looks for ways to use it to his advantage. But Oriha is pretty sharp herself with the bombs she claims to have laid around the building to trap them. There’s a bit of bluffing going on with both sides here, but it’s hard to read the terrorist because of the wolf mask he’s wearing. For ORiha though, it achieves her goal of stopping the hostages from being killed. Well, at least the girls. The guys he’s still content to kill.

The episode expends a lot of its time on simple action, including some of Oriha’s friends getting involved as well in the dangerous situation, so the expected silliness is included here as well. What changes along the way though is that the lead terrorist reveals himself to be a woman under the mask with a voice changer. Calling herself Wild Hunt, she makes it clear that she’s completely in charge here and provides some nice torment for Oriha to suffer through. While Oriha is solid here overall, she’s not the same as Arashi and Mikoto, so the second half focuses more on them entering the picture to give chase as Wild Hunt and her group heads underground to get away with Oriha as their hostage. It lets both show off a bit as they give chase, as well as letting Wild Hunt showcase her skills while using the voice changer to give it an odd vibe. But in the end, it largely plays out as expected, complete with obvious fanservice, bringing it all to conclusion for the moment.

In Summary:
This episode provides a little more structure to the story overall, but more so that it’s just the action half of the two part storyline. The terrorist side really doesn’t have anything going for it here in terms of personality or character, more of a gimmick more than anything else, but it at least provides for some decent opponents for Arashi to go up against after Oriha sets the stage well. There’s some decent bit of fun here from time to time, but it’s undercut by the cast having no personality and the animation looking like it’s done by the in-between team more than the main team, resulting in a flat and unengaging presentation overall. It’s mediocre at best – which is at least better than the last episodes awful offering.

Grade: C

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Triage X Episode #06 Anime Review