Maria Holic Alive! Episode #08 Review

Maria Holic Alive! Episode #08 Review

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Sullied Innocence

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With summer vacation here, Kanako is all set to head home to see her parents and is curious as to what Mariya will end up doing for it. Her questioning of Mariya leads to a startling revelation though in that the school essentially offers cram courses during the summer and a lot of students take advantage of it since they want to keep their academic edge. Mariya makes it fairly biting with her remarks though about how Kanako must have done really well in order to be able to skip these considering what she went through with the last round of exams and the fact that she made it through the transfer exams at all. Kanako’s emotions are all over the map though at first until she starts dreaming and fantasizing about what a summer at school would be like with limited staff and students. Her perverted nature shines through, as does the way she romanticizes it.

As can be expected, KAnako basically goes into a panic over the whole thing and it turns into an odd direction as it progresses because she learns that it’s actually Sachi’s birthday. With all that Sachi has done for people, it’s an important event and we get a lot of outpourings from various characters about how they’ve been helped by her and the impact that Sachi has had on their lives. Kanako being who she is, she sees it all built up to a huge level and there’s legitimately reason to do so. When Kanako starts to think about what Sachi has done for her since she first came to the school and how kind she’s been, she starts to feel even worse. Things are saved along the way that helps to ease the pressure, but it only serves to increase the guilt that Kanako feels over not doing truly right by Sachi.

One of the funniest moments comes when Mariya makes it plain what Kanako’s punishment should be for all of this, having crossed Sachi without Sachi’s knowledge, and that means she gets no speaking lines come the next episode. Sometimes the self referential material can work well within this series and this is one of those moments as the panic from Kanako is priceless as she realizes she’s going to be relegated to just a background character for awhile. Matsurika fans also make out well in this episode as things end early and we get a couple minutes of Matsurika’s Journal, which has a Black Butler like subplot thrown into it that makes you grin. Add in her actual sister again and some other cute gags and it’s a nice little bit of unrelated gags that can easily make you smile.

In Summary:
While the episode does deal heavily with Sachi by filling in some of the blanks about her and showing how key she is to so many people at the school, it’s largely focused on all of it being observed through Kanako’s eyes. And she does see things in amusing ways as she panics over everything and only sees that she can’t do right by Sachi, the one person who has done right by her. Kanako continues to be a fun character but she’s a bit more subdued in a way this time around and I found myself wanting to see more of the initial story elements used with the summer at school. There’s fun to be had here, and Sachi is someone that could use expanding, but it feels like it misses a critical element here.

Grade: B-

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Maria Holic Alive! Episode #08 Review

Maria Holic Alive! Episode #08 Review