Hiiro No Kakera Season 2 Episode #08 Anime Review

Hiiro No Kakera Season 2 Episode #08 Anime Review If only it was lions, tigers and bears and not gods, guardians and barriers. Oh my!

What They Say:
Takuma and Tamaki are making a break for it but Baba seems to have planned for everything. As they run in circles, they are chased by gods, guardians, and the past.

The Review:
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With Takuma and Tamaki now on the run at this point, it provides a chance for the two of them to really bond together better, a necessity after the time apart when he was struggling with his literal inner demon. The Guardians have been through a heck of a lot since the start of this season and at times it seems like there was only one reliable one with Yui standing by Tamaki without any real issues. But as they’ve slowly come back and reformed in a way that works, tension and problems between them and all, it’s worked out fairly well. But at the core, it’s always been obvious that there’s a Tamaki x Takuma thing going on here and now that they’re off on their own, it’s a chance to explore that, even just slightly.

Their time alone isn’t going to be simple, though there’s some hope of it at first. Tamaki is intent on getting things across to Takuma about what she feels, but there are others that are going to throw things into disarray as Baba is a master manipulator in making sure everything goes as she wants. And that leads to an intense action sequence as the pair end up facing a lot of problematic opponents in their attempt to escape, from the various gods and guardians that inhabit the forest at this point to a barrier that keeps the pair trapped inside a specific area. It’s fairly well done in the way it presents a tense situation and shows off the creatively spooky designs while putting the pair through a real challenge that needs to be dealt with by sheer force of will in the end.

While the show brings us some pretty good action sequences, it is pretty much a semi-slog through opponents and barriers as the two try to escape. What they face is the main draw since it’s all about their intensity here, as good as it is. Takuma is dealing with the power he has in him and is intent on using it to protect her. She’s intent on making sure he doesn’t go too far in what he does while using these powers. But with the local gods causing problems and those from Logos making a nod as well, it pushes Takuma into more and more difficult situations. You want to see him cut loose, but you also know that it’s just more of a drain. To make matters worse, getting help from Ryo in a surprise moment only adds to the mental strain that he’s going through.

In Summary:
Hiiro no Kakera is having more of a forward progress feeling here if only because things are actually happening. That’s a little unfair, but much of this season has been mired in melodrama and the like, so getting an episode of mostly action helps to make it feel like it’s doing something with the story rather than just letting the characters wallow in things. Both have their place, but it’s felt like it’s needed to start getting in gear. And this episode does that with the lead pair on the move, battling others, working together and finding that the situation may be more dire than they expected. It’s average material overall but made better with some good choreography and a solid sense of animation and style about it that works great. The show still feels like it’s faltering a fair bit, but at least it’s now doing something.

Grade: B-

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Hiiro No Kakera Season 2 Episode #08 Anime Review