Magnus: Robot Fighter #9 Review

Magnus: Robot Fighter #9 Review This war is on!

Creative Staff:
Story: Fred Van Lente
Art: Roberto Castro, Joseph Cooper

What They Say:
A perfect jumping-on point as Magnus: Robot Fighter begins an all-new story arc! Having finally reunited with his robotic father, Magnus has new purpose in life. But that doesn’t really matter if “dad” starts him off on a suicide mission! It’s Magnus: Agent of 1A!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Sometimes a single page or two can bring into focus the story in a way that may not have been clear up until that point and you just have to savor it. Take the two opening pages here as we see the kind of training that both Magnus and Leeja underwent separately as kids and how it’s two sides of the same coin but with the same kind of goal of getting them to really understand the world and how to effect change in it. It’s interesting to see Magnus and his more visible action side in dealing with the robots and how he understands their strengths and weaknesses while with Leeja it’s a will that’s first and foremost, particularly to be an individual that isn’t bound by code. With different “fathers” guiding them along the way, the fact that two very different yet same people came together with the potential to reshape NorthAm is very well represented here.

Magnus’ time with 1A has been pretty effective so far in general as he’s fully on board with changing this world because of what it is, what he is and the understanding of how at least part of it came to be. The idea that Magnus is the culmination of some large unknown number of versions of him that have learned along the way is intriguing, especially since it leaves you hoping that this is the one that can break the cycle. 1A has placed a lot of hope into him in changing everything and Magnus, who may have his own goals as well, is in a new place of confidence here as it looks like he finally has a roadmap to follow. That confidence is great to see as he now has an army to work with and the right kind of view of the world. Calling NorthAm a bad copy of a city, built on a foundation of lies, can rally those on the outside that understand it better than most and bring action to the city itself.

While all of this builds up throughout the book, we also get a good bit of time with Senator Clane as his time with the Central Network takes some unexpected turns. With them now coming to his side, though certainly allowing him to do what he wants to do, there’s a kind of superior snark coming from them now about it all and that they didn’t ask for any of this and kind of just rode it along because they had nothing better to do. Clane’s attempt at control isn’t a surprise, but the pushback from the Central Network is and I love his reaction to it. We do get Leeja making her way into things here as well in her attempt to change the direction of it all, but she’s off-panel a lot unfortunately. But letting her father dominate for a bit works as it plays into making Magnus even more of a fugitive, which sets us up for a lot of action to come. And some really great moments as Magnus finally gets to confront him and a few new truths are revealed.

In Summary:
With a great twist end page, Magnus has a pretty strong issue here overall as events are taking shape more. We’ve had a few issues where the story has kind of wandered a bit, but it’s starting to pull the strings together more here. The sense of revolution has been brewing for awhile in NorthAm and now Magnus, and hopefully Leeja, will bring it to the forefront to try and enable some real change. How they handle understanding the reality of what NorthAm really is should be interesting, but there’s a few steps left before that to deal with. Magnus’ time is definitely good here and I’m even more intrigued by Leeja now after seeing her younger days. But it’s the Central Network that I want to see more of – just with a better font for its speech bubbles as that got hard to read at times.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: December 17th, 2014
MSRP: $3.99

Magnus: Robot Fighter #9 Review