Hunter X Hunter Episode #104 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode #104 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode 104

The pieces on the board continue to move about even as our lead players are absent.

What They Say:
Gon, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a Hunter like his father, who left when Gon was still young.

The Review:
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The growth and changes in this series from what it was at the start has definitely been interesting and fun to watch, though it’s going through some obvious growing pains at this point. The pacing of the series continues to be its main problem as it plays like most shonen series of this nature do, but with it trying to grow into something more, it feels like a real constraint on it as it takes too long to get to the points where we need to be. It’s helped by having an array of interesting characters to watch with what they do and how they operate, especially for those Hunters from the Association that are working to eliminate more of the Chimera Ants as they go along, as we see some creative approaches and real skill from those that are truly seasoned and not exactly cruel or twisted like so many other characters.

Some material is more interesting than others and I admit to having a weakness for the kind of things Knov does with his portal space. But I’m also enjoying seeing how things are progressing with Morel and Cheefu since Morel is just so laid back and relaxed that it’s starting to get under Cheefu’s furry skin. And similarly, but on a different level, watching how the Chimera Ant King and Komugi are playing their game of Go is definitely worth watching since it provides some good insights into how he’s going to handle future fights. He’s interested in the game for what it is and the strategy, but it’s filled with things that he’ll be able to take into future fights that he didn’t have before. And Komugi’s nature is so unlike the others that he’s played various learning games against in his down time in this palace that he finds himself quite challenged and intrigued by it all.

The main action aspect of this episode though is the one focusing on Morel and Cheefu as Morel has slowly been working his game against him and has organized things in a way that shows true experience and knowledge of tactics in order to win. Because of the way Cheefu operates, it wasn’t too hard to really come up with a way to defeat him, one that admittedly took some time, but it was designed to win rather than to be pretty. And with the time limit aspect of it all in place because of what Cheefu did for this little pocket world, it made the most sense. Though this isn’t a hugely encompassing fight, it’s one that plays well and sets forward other motions once completed since it brings Morel and Knov back together so they can go on the hunt in a more formal manner in the capital, which definitely sets itself for some fun as we get a nod towards some of those they’ll be facing next.

In Summary:
Though I’m again a bit saddened by the lack of Gon and Killua material here, we’re at least getting some good stuff with other characters and expanding them just a little bit. The focus on Komugi’s game is brief overall but you can see how it will be instrumental going forward at the right time. I loved the little bits with Knov since he has such a fun ability and uses it in a cute way. But mostly we just spend time with Cheefu and Morel and that was simple but very fun to watch unfold as it went along and we saw the trick that Morel used – or tactic if you prefer – to deal with his opponent that would guarantee a win. It used Cheefu against himself and there’s a lot to say for that.

Grade: B

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Hunter X Hunter Episode #104 Anime Review