Senyu Episode #13 Anime Review

Senyu Episode #13 Anime Review

Senyu Episode 13

The world is saved! Or is it?

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As the season hits its finale, some things are made a bit clearer here, though part of it was essentially a given at this point. Seeing how Zwei had controlled Janua is certainly amusing since she’s basically using him like a toy in order to make her escape, which she does with only a little collateral damage along the way. But the bigger deal here is that through Foyfoy of all people, we get an understanding of what’s really gone on with the way the demons were summoned and how it’s leading to the end of the world. Giving the nod towards the king and his plans, it does make a certain twisted sense and it definitely fits with the way events have unfolded to see a “master plan” like this unfold. Of course, the season doesn’t end in a way that leaves you satisfied in the way, but it does have a sort of “first chapter” kind of feeling to it.

In Summary:
With news hitting today that the series is getting a second season this summer, that definitely makes it easier to handle the cliffhanger kind of ending we get here where nothing is resolved, the bad guys kind of win and we don’t even get any dodgeball being played. We do have a new character introduced, seeing who is really inside the armor at long last, and a better understanding of what the main plot is and who is orchestrating it. Senyu hit a really sweet spot for me this season in providing some great laughs, some really surreal moments and just having absolute fun with itself in a way that says the team behind this is just grinning the whole time. If there was a show this season that I really wanted more of at this point, this is it.

Grade: B

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Senyu Episode #13 Anime Review