Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episode #05 Anime Review

Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episode #05 Anime Review There is nothing like a series of deadly traps to kick start a life long friendship between a thief and a hired gun.

What They Say:
Using her womanly wiles, Fujiko convinces Lupin to retrieve the legendary Laughing Peacock from an Egyptian pyramid. However, the seemingly simple job turns into a fierce race when Jigen sets his sights on the treasure too.

The Review:
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With the main cast introduced to Fujiko, the series turns its sights on introducing the men in her life to each other. The setting for Lupin and Jigen’s first encounter is a recently unearthed pyramid in Egypt. Inside is a legendary peacock that promises to bring riches to its owner. Lupin wants it to win the riches of Fujiko’s affection; Jigen, well, he’s just down on his luck and needs it for the money someone is offering for it. MacGuffin in place, the pair trade bullets and insults, as they attempt to reach the treasure first.

It ends with Fujiko predictably double crossing both Lupin and Jigen and likewise predictably losing out in the treasure, but it was such a fun ride, that you do not mind. Both men get to show off their physical and mental prowess and begin a begrudging admiration for each other. The episode also manages to develop Jigen’s character with two small sequences. As the episode opens, we find him drifting through Egypt with no prospects but a lot of regrets. It was a minor moment in the episode, but it comes full circle when Lupin tells him that everyone knows what their sins are, but who cares? Just have some fun life while you can. Just another tiny moment in the episode but one that resonates with Jigen and will help shape his character going forward.

In Summary:
While the series has gone back to the more racier roots of the manga, it also remembers that those roots include the gang pitting their wits against elaborate traps resulting in entertaining action sequences. As Lupin and Jigen fight their way through the pyramid, they both get a good read on the other’s character and begin what will become a lifelong friendship. The animation, action, humor, and character development continue to be everything I hoped from this series. Even if they never explore a larger story line around Fujiko’s past, I’m having too much fun watching the gang start form to grouse.

Grade: B+

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Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Episode #05 Anime Review