AKB0048 -next stage- Episode #10 Anime Review

AKB0048 -next stage- Episode #10 Anime Review Sit back and relax for Avatar: The Anime…

What They Say:
At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth’s ecosystem was severely damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. On several planets of this new society, things that ‘disturb the heart’ like music and art are forbidden. That is, until AKB0048 is resurrected…

The Review:
The Flying Get may have managed to escape their DES pursuers, but the jump has left the ship disabled, and in a location they can’t even begin to trace. While repairs are carried out, the girls are ordered outside to try and learn as much as possible about the unusual planet they’ve found themselves on – during which Chieri gets a chance to think about how she’s going to confront her father. But they’re not alone on this planet, and trouble soon comes calling…

The only thing that was really missing from the Avatar comparison for this episode was big blue dudes emerging from the undergrowth. Instead, we get giant mushroom-based animals, with a taste in pop music that could only be bettered if someone had given them glowsticks. Yes, this is AKB0048 at its most strange – which is another way of saying it’s the show at its best. In a twisted sort of way. There’s no idol angst this time around, just the ‘fun’ of exploring strange surroundings, meeting the natives, and fighting for their freedom (near a Dualium source, and while singing. If you’ve been paying attention to the show, you’ll know that’s a potent combination…).

That said, there are a few serious moments, mostly dealing with Shieri and her feelings around what to do about her father – should she confront him? What good would it do anyway if she did? How would she get to him anyway, given the Flying Get’s current state? With a little help from Nagisa, she makes her decisions on what to do next – which leaves the pair of them out on a limb of their own at the end of the episode.

In Summary:
For the most part, though, you could fairly call this a filler episode, of the sort that doesn’t feed too much into the greater story, but that is still a hell of a lot of fun to watch. As I’ve no doubt said before, AKB0048 is at its best when it puts the idol stuff to one side and just has fun with its absurd setting, and this episode does just that. Thoroughly entertaining stuff.

Content Grade: B+

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AKB0048 -next stage- Episode #10 Anime Review

AKB0048 -next stage- Episode #10 Anime Review