Arata: The Legend Episode #07 Anime Review

Arata: The Legend Episode #07 Anime Review

Arata – The Legend Episode 7

Kannagi’s past is wrapped up in the present with Arata and his group in an unexpected way.

What They Say:
Still living in Hinohara’s place back in the modern world, Arata meets Kadowaki at school and decides to “play” with him. Meanwhile in Amawakuni, Kotoha injures her foot on the way to the Capital and the party is forced to take a break in a ruined village. Alone with Arata, Kotoha works up the courage to make an unexpected move…

The Review:
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With each episode, I continue to feel bad for poor Arata as his situation has been pretty bland in a lot of ways. He’s sort of the main character in a way, or a main character to phrase it better, but his screen time after the opening episode has been pretty negligible. And while I do enjoy for the most part seeing what Hinohara is going through in Amawakuni, there’s a good part of me that wants to see how Arata is handling things in Hinohara’s world. Every time we get something, it’s pretty minimal and more of a tease than anything else. Such as at the start here as he heads to school, speaks in his own language, and tries to befriend people that were causing Hinohara nothing but grief before. That just sets the stage for more grief to come up as time goes on, though at least Arata is given a decent cover as to why he’s so off in comparison to Hinohara.

That small tease certainly leaves me wanting more, but naturally things do shift back to Amawakuni where the core trio are continuing on with their journey. The group has bonded decently over the course of their walk so far and as we saw previously, got a decent bit of action as well that showcases that things are not completely normal in the realm of the Sho. I do like that we continue to see some communication between Hinohara and Arata, which happens while Kotoha is taking a rest from an injury, and we see some cute things come from it as the two interact about each other’s lives. There’s some cuteness that comes from it but also an amusing bit of mild panic when Hinohara learns that Arata went to school.

But the show can’t be all simple and fun stuff as it has to deal with the action as well, which comes when Kannagi, having stalked the group for a bit, goes on the offensive. But it takes an intriguing twist when his attack against Arata causes Kotoha to be engulfed in flames, reminding him of what happened to Emisu. While it’s no surprise to us that Arata would drop battle to rescue her, it surprises him and shocks him into doing the right thing and slowly changing the path that he’s on. Though this doesn’t exactly bring the group together by any stretch of the imagination, bringing in some flashback material to the past with Emisu and what he saw her suffer through, and his inability to save her, is a driving factor that’s nice to explore as it certainly humanizes him and makes him more accessible than just someone that runs around causing problems. It also gives us something of an origin story for him with how he acquired his weapon and became a Sho for Homura, which provides a neat tweak to things.

In Summary:
Though the series has had some good bright spots as it’s progressed from the first episode, it’s felt a bit unfocused for the last couple of them .This doesn’t really move past that in some ways, but by focusing more on Kannagi and bringing Arata into the picture more back on Earth, we get something that expands the cast nicely and helps to move away from Hinohara a bit. I like Hinohara, but they’re in that difficult spot of having to move away from his bullied and introvert nature to someone who will have to take the lead as the larger story goes on, but if it goes too quick you can’t get behind him. But they also can’t go too much into it because it can bog things down. This episode has some good things to it and helps to turn the direction just a touch, but in the way that it needed when it comes to someone like Kannagi.

Grade: B

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Arata: The Legend Episode #07 Anime Review