Meganebu Episode #05 Anime Review

Meganebu Episode #05 Anime Review

Meganebu Episode 5

When Akira is late for club, some surprising realizations set in.

What They Say:
Souma Akira is a glasses-wearing high school student at the rural Himalaya Third Technical School. He loves glasses more than anyone and is proud to wear his own. Along with Hachimine Takuma, Minabe Yukiya, Kamatani Mitsuki, and Kimata Hayato – four other boys with glasses who have joined (or, perhaps, were forced to join) the club born of Akira’s greatest ambition – the members of “The Glasses Club” share sweat, laughter, tears, and the occasional explosion(!) as they pour their undying passion into their eye-wear.

The Review:
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With the episodes focusing on the core cast in different ways in showing how they came together into Akira’s glasses club, it’s been interesting to see the personalities come out and the kinds of things that drove them or drew them to him. The half episode kind of focus has definitely been a plus so that it’s not so heavily focused on a particular character and we get to see some general silliness with another character in the second half. It hasn’t exactly won me over with the characters or anything as there’s just a lack of something here to really make it all click, but it’s been a visual treat in watching it and seeing the kinds of young men that have come together like this.

The show goes for mostly silliness here from the get go as Akira is dealing with his own issues, which always seem strange and forced as if he was deluded in some significant way about the world around him, but it makes for some craft sequences as he deals with a threat that her perceives. That allows the rest of the club to hang out a bit together, surprised that Akira is so late for a club meeting, and there’s a kind of listlessness about them that’s kind of surprising. There is some focus on dealing with the x-ray glasses design, but as time goes on, there is the realization that this isn’t really a glasses club in a way since most everyone there doesn’t really, actively do anything with glasses besides wear them outside of Akira himself. It’s a surprising admission in some ways, but it does have the kernel of truth to it all.

The show just spends most of its time with the boys going through various motions that in the end don’t really seem to amount to much. The spend some time indoors together and more outside in the rain where some rail against nature, noting that people with glasses know it’s raining before others because of the way it hits the lenses. It’s just so… well, nonsensical is an obvious thing to say, but it’s also just so empty. Nonsensical can be fun when done right, but what we get here doesn’t seem to really amount to much. The boys can be fun to watch, but when they note themselves that it’s not really a glasses club but just something that Akira runs as that, there isn’t much to take away from it.

In Summary:
I had some hopes for Meganebu in the beginning, largely because of the director and the sense of style being applied here, but it hasn’t managed to make things all that engaging or interesting as it’s progressed. You can always give some leeway for character introductions, history and connections to be drawn as they have been early on here, but it’s not lead to anything else or made anyone actually engaging to watch. The result is a show that’s filled with style and great moments of no substance. It’s visually appealing and definitely captures your attention, but it’s the show with nothing to really bind it together and make it truly engaging. This episode cements that a bit more since it’s less focused on how the boys came together and just on their existing in the course of what’s likely a fairly normal day. When that’s dull, it just loses you all the more.

Grade: C-

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Meganebu Episode #05 Anime Review