Wagnaria!! Season 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

Wagnaria!! Season 2 Episode #09 Anime Review Yachiyo is afraid of technology. She doesn’t even have a cellphone! The gang decides that it’s time for her to enter the 21st century.

What They Say:
“Love is so Global”

Yachiyo is afraid of technology and doesn’t even own a cell phone! Sato gets volunteered to help her buy one, while Yohei and Mitsuki visit the restaurant and start mischief.

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Yachiyo is apparently so afraid of technology that she doesn’t even own a cell phone. She had a hard time learning how to use the cash register. Her fearfulness is meant to be endearing, I suppose.

Except that she constantly walks around armed with a sword.

During a break from work, Sato is sent with Yachiyo to get a cellphone. They accomplish that quickly, though the saleswoman at the store looked a bit perturbed by the image of a happy couple provided by Sato and Yachiyo (which is all a lie, as Sato kept on pointing out). After they come back, it’s back to work as normal.

Except that Yohei and Mitsuki, the twins who serve Kyoko turn up again, with differing aims. Yohei suddenly becomes the new object of affection for Sota’s constantly-being-dumped older sister Kozue, while Mitsuki is upset that Yachiyo is getting too friendly with Sato. Also, Yamada as usual is doing her worst at work, while Sota reprimands her constantly. Finally, something in her seems to snap, as Yamada proclaims that she is going to run away. Of course, she only runs away to the back stoop, where Takanashi finds her. In the meantime, Yohei, Mitsuki, and Kozue hide behind the break room and spy on the staff, as Mitsuki is worried about the people who work at Wagnaria doing something wrong to (or with) Yachiyo, whom Mitsuki still thinks of as the little girl who hung around Kyoko all the time. In the end, though, they get busted by Kyoko.

In Summary:
Yachiyo joins the heady world of modern technology, well at least she gets a cellphone. Then it’s back to the restaurant for the usual oddball behavior and character interaction as Yamada runs away and the twins Yohei and Mitsuki come back, not to work this time, but to check up on things. The seemingly close relationship between Sota and Yachiyo, however, sets off a nerve in Mitsuki, while Sota’s elder sister Kozue takes a sudden and very strong liking to Yohei. The show is certainly in something of a rut as we pass through these middle of the season episodes, though that’s not unexpected for an episodic comedy. The character interaction continues to be amusing to a degree, but what is currently lacking is any real sense of development. That, however, is likely to be very slow in coming, as this show inhabits an unchanging world that moves only at a crawl.

Grade: B

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Wagnaria!! Season 2 Episode #09 Anime Review