Gosick Episode #17 Review

Gosick Episode #17 Review

What They Say:
Kazuya successfully finds Victorique and she tells him that the Marquis de Blois’s purpose is using her to draw out Cordelia. Meanwhile, a variety of “miracles” are happening at Phantasmagoria. Victorique easily sees through the tricks, but the prior of the convent has a hardline stance that won’t be budged. Before long, a murder in the guise of a “miracle” takes place before everyone’s eyes!

The Review:
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With Kazuya having come across Victorique fairly easily all told, as enjoyable as the last episode was without her, bringing her back into things helps get the story rolling along with a bit more exposition as she tells him of a different time briefly that explains how she waits. Of course, Victorique is just glad that Kazuya is there since he brought so many things with him, especially the sweets, but her pipe is the biggest thing that gets her attention since she feels at home with it. The bond between the two continues to be an interesting one to watch as they’re not exactly close and they’re not adversarial, but there’s a dance that they go through in dealing with each other that has some very strong turns and movements most of the time, though there are some softer ones to be had as well.

With the two of them checking out the Phantasmagoria event now, they’re able to see the twisted and surreal kind of magic that’s taking place there. It’s done with a lot of style that really lets it work, as the people involved are true showmen who get their stage presence across in a way that really does enrapture those that are watching. But when one of the body switching tricks goes horribly awry, with two bodies covered in blood, it sets a whole other mood. Even worse, the gist of the trick in getting people to fall for it is revealed in a rather glaring way. It’s interesting to see how Kazuya gets shaken out of his view of the events, but his singleminded focus when he sees Brian in one of the windows afterwards paints his obsession in a bad way there. Particularly since he ends up leaving Victorique in the chaos of all the people below.

Kazuya’s chase is pointless in the end, but it leads him elsewhere and he ends up getting a bit more information and a lot more mysteries thrown his way. The same can be said for Victorique as Brian shows up there as well and he imparts all sorts of things to her that are forbidden, things that he says in such an offhand and accidental way that you know he’s just pushing events in a direction he wants. Because of all the misdirection going on and the way various forces are at play, I feel like the show has lost some of its impact in this storyline because it’s had so much going on without a clear enough narrative that when we do get new information, it’s not drawn together to the preceding events in a clear way. It’s a building of information that, on a weekly basis when watched with other shows, can make for a confusing time. Thankfully, Gosick has the saving grace of being a very well animated show that is engaging to watch just on that angle alone.

In Summary:
The further that Gosick goes into its run, the more frustrating it gets when it comes to the stories it wants to tell. I really liked what the series had to offer at first, but it’s lost some of its clarity in storytelling to really make an impact and become something bigger than itself. It has good characters and very good animation, but the execution of it all is becoming increasingly frustrating. There are brief moments of beauty where things make a lot of sense, but there are also at times so many little things going on that you lose the focus of the whole. I keep wanting to get into this show, but it’s not an easy one, especially compared to some of the early stories and the first arc itself. This one has its moments, but the compelling nature of it continues to erode with each episode.

Grade: C+

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Gosick Episode #17 Review

Gosick Episode #17 Review