Arata: The Legend Episode #02 Anime Review

Arata: The Legend Episode #02 Anime Review

Arata – The Legend Episode 2

Hinohara’s situation goes from bad to worse in a pretty big way. But at least it’s not death, right?

What They Say:
Accused of being the murderer of the Princess, Hinohara Arata is captured to stand trial. On the way he gets a chance to speak with his double.

The Review:
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Any series that uses characters with the same name always leaves me feeling a little confused and this one is no exception, though at least the two aren’t going to be on screen together all that much for awhile it seems. Introducing us to the two very different Arata’s, changing which world they exist in and then throwing us into a much larger storyline is definitely interesting. But what the first episode left me wondering was just what kind of story that our Arata from Amawakuni would have in the world of Earth, since there aren’t the same kind of dangers. Will he get kept to the background overall and not given much of a story? Or will there be some real connecting elements to it that surface over the run, which goes on for quite a bit in manga form.

Hinohara’s arrival in Amawakuni has definitely put him in a difficult position since the other Arata was being hunted down. Of course, he’s also tired of being bullied and isn’t going to take it anymore as he’s attacked by people he doesn’t know or understand why, which leads him to realizing that in this land he definitely has some power, even being called a Sho by one who attacked him. With a bit of quiet time to get caught up on things from the elder, Hinohara is able to start getting filled in on some of what’s going on. But he’s also starting to realize that he and Arata are quite alike in many ways physically, which helped precipitate this whole world changing situation. Hinohara is making some friends to be sure, but we’ve also seen that the enemies he’s made, Kannagi and the whole of the Twelve Shinsho, will be a lot for him to contend with and his life so far has not made him really ready to handle such a situation.

The connecting tissue we see is that there may be times where the two can open a portal to at least see each other and talk, so a little Arata/Arata time is possible. And that lets Arata fill in Hinohara about what happened and that he’s not the one that killed the princess that he’s being blamed for. But Hinohara has such a difficult time trusting people, especially someone like Arata who has now been taken to Hinohara’s home as someone who seems a bit confused by everything but is blending in surprisingly well. Arata is also able to talk down Hinohara a bit so he can handle the trial he’s being caught up in now for the killing, but it requires him to be a lot more outgoing than he usually is and to push back against some very superior feeling and sounding people. But there’s only so much he can do and we get an interesting shift where instead of death he gets exiled, which looks like it’ll set him on an interesting path for awhile.

In Summary:
The second episode of Arata manages to set the course forward a bit more here as it’s working both of the main characters in potentially interesting ways. I do want to see more of Arata on Earth and how that storyline can go and we get a sliver of it here. The main focus is on Hinohara in Amawakuni and what he’s dealing with, which is quite a lot. Hinohara is definitely continuing to be an interesting lead male character for me since he is damaged in a way we don’t often get and it’s something that will drive him as time goes forward. He’s also in a place where he’s like to make real friends that he never could in his world, but some of it initially will be because of the power he can wield more than who he is himself. But that will change over time as one can guess and that journey, now that he’s been exiled, could be worth taking.

Grade: B

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Arata: The Legend Episode #02 Anime Review