Sparrow’s Hotel Episode #08 Anime Review

Sparrow’s Hotel Episode #08 Anime Review

Sparrow’s Hotel Episode 8

Yuu’s back and doing her best to get a job at the hotel.

What They Say:
The series revolves around Sayuri Satō, the new front desk worker at the Sparrow’s Hotel — “the closest hotel to Heaven.” Her special features are her large breasts and her skills of assassination. She takes down people who cause trouble in the business hotel with those skills, but she is in fact very unskilled when talking to the male hotel manager, and often bites her tongue.

The Review:
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The nature of a hotel usually means a steady flow of new people coming in and out of the place, and this time we get the return of Yuu, who is taking on a role on the business side of the hotel. While she’s been there previously and is attempting to be a part of things here as a spy, she’s just utterly awful at it and says way too much out loud. Of course, she also says enough that creates a killer instinct in Sayuri and she wants to take her out. The whole thing has a bit of a strange feel to it overall though since Shirokawa is interested in her in certain ways, mostly just to make sure she keeps an eye out for his sister, and that just unnerves Yuu all the more. And rightly so!

In Summary:
Bringing Yuu back into the show is certainly cute and fun in its own way, largely because she doesn’t have a filter that keeps her from saying stupid things out loud. That just gets her into more trouble since everyone knows what the deal is with her, especially Sayuri, which is where most of her trouble could come in. Of course, Shirokawa doesn’t make things easy for Yuu either and the combination of it all just makes her a completely ineffective spy. Not that the show really needs spies because nobody does much of anything around here, which is why it’s so light on the humor and bits that work week from week.

Grade: C-

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Sparrow’s Hotel Episode #08 Anime Review