Cat God Episode #05 Anime Review

Cat God Episode #05 Anime Review So, they’ve resorted to a beach episode already. At least let us hope there is decent fanservice. And that they not disappoint us.

What They Say:
“Typhoon God Overrun”

It’s Gonta. I won at a raffle at the shopping mall and am at the beach with Yuzu. White sandy beaches, the crashing of the waves, and the bright sun. True vacation in anybody’s book! Watermelon pinata! Beach volleyball! And Yuzu in her swimsuit! Falling off???!!

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Don’t believe in that screencap included with this review. Just don’t. Oh, it appears, but it does not represent most of what you will see.

So, Gonta has won a trip to a seaside resort in a mall raffle. But his visions of Yuzu in a swimsuit are ruined when a typhoon approaches Japan, meaning it’s nothing but rain. Compounding things, all the other gods invite themselves as freeloaders at Gonta’s expense. It is pretty easy to predict where things are going to go from here. There is only one direction for them to go: downhill.

The most amusing parts of the episode were Gonta’s fantasies and the delusions he had of being able to fight the typhoon based upon random manga drawings left on the floor of the inn (it happened that Yukina the manga artist was there as well, and her sidekicks occasionally cleared out the crumpled paper with failed ideas and took them out of the room, occasionally dropping one or two on the hallway floor, where Gonta found them).

As to be expected, the hurricane is diverted at the last minute by Mayu, of all people. It appears that she knew the god in charge of that particular typhoon and also knew her personal weakness. Thus, the final day is sunny and bright, but Gonta cannot see the girls in their swimsuits, since he injured himself attempting to fight the storm and wound up in bed.

There really isn’t much else to say about this episode. The action unfolded exactly as one could guess: Gonta’s plan to see Yuzu in a swimsuit was never going to happen in the first place, since he is the butt monkey of this show. And this episode just kept piling the misfortunes onto him. Now, Gonta is not exactly a magnet for sympathy, though he’s not dislikable either. He just is, as most of the characters in this show are. They do very little to excite interest or empathy from this reviewer. And once again, the ending to the show was utterly predictable. Mayu “saves the day,” at least for her and her freeloading friends, by diverting the typhoon in a manner that should be comical but ends up feeling a bit tired and trite.

In Summary:
After a promise of swimsuits and fanservice, we mainly get poor Gonta being thwarted in his desire to see Yuzu in a swimsuit. What we get a full measure of is the same old tired jokes from the regular cast of useless gods that form Mayu’s entourage at this point. It is just all so trite and bland.

Grade: C+

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Cat God Episode #05 Anime Review