Space Brothers Episode #61 Anime Review

Space Brothers Episode #61 Anime Review

Space Brothers Episode 61

Hibito’s on his way home and there’s plenty of tension.

What They Say:
The Comeback Competition has ended, and Mutta’s team finished second among AsCan entrants. Mutta is soon joined by his parents, as they prepare for Hibito’s return to Earth.

The Review:
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With the competition having dominated the last couple of episodes, it played out really well in seeing how the team worked together with their strengths and building on the bonds made during their time that were strengthened by the desert survival trek. Their participation in the rover side of things played out well and it definitely worked to expand on a couple of characters that have their own fleshed out pasts here which you know will have more of an impact on the present as other storylines move forward. Space Brothers doesn’t overdo its callbacks to other characters, but with the way an industry and profession like this works, there are those that are in it for life and have varied connections that will always make them visible on some level as you progress through your own dreams.

With that segment having closed up, the show shifts its focus a bit to the return plan coming up for Hibito and the others as their lunar tour is over and it’s time for them to come home. We had some good if brief material with the new crew coming in and the importance of the hand off between Hibito and Azuma, which resonates well into events here as well with the bell. It’s small things like that which definitely make a great impact on the show overall with its meaning. Though we don’t go through the motions in as much detail as we got from their journey and arrival to the moon, there’s some welcome material here as we see them deal with the emotion of leaving and the kind of things that ground control has to go through. This is also done in parallel to the way Mutta and his team say a goodbye of sorts to Pico since their time together is over, for now at least, and we see the impact that made on him.

Hibito’s journey back is nicely balanced with other material too, as his parents have come back to Houston to great him and Mutta has some down time to deal with it as well, so he’s trying to find ways to be useful around the house for when his brother returns. One of the best things he does, that makes the most sense, is to tune his bike and get that ready for him since it’s a big part of who Hibito is. He also gets to do something that some people never expected and that’s to watch the mission from within mission control, which is comical since he seemingly just keeps finding beautiful women everywhere. But his respect for what everyone does there is one of the key focuses, an understanding of the emotions involved with all those that watch and the dedication and intensity of those that handle the return while the astronauts enter the atmosphere. It’s a very, very engaging sequence even if you’ve seen many of these presented in shows and movies over the years, because of the cast, because of the visuals and because of the seriousness and general realism it gets

In Summary:
With some good tension provided towards the end as every re-entry session should have, especially where there have been issues in the past here that ties in to Pico’s storyline, Space Brothers hits all the right notes here once again. We get some closure with past storylines and character points, we get nods towards the competition with the parachute aspect here and we get to see the way family is important and how Mutta is both proud, afraid and nervous about the entire thing at this point. You can feel yourself getting tense as it goes on since even though this show generally wants to play positive, there’s always a chance they can throw you for a real curve somewhere and this is one of those places where it can completely mess with you. But in the end, we get a solid and strong episode that brings Hibito’s storyline to a close for now and sets more things into motion going forward.

Grade: B+

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Space Brothers Episode #61 Anime Review