AMC Prepping ‘Walking Dead’ Standalone Special

AMC Prepping ‘Walking Dead’ Standalone Special Well, this is interesting. And potentially a new way of seeding things in a series that in some ways reminds me of anime/manga and even comics to a greater extent.

With solid ratings to say the least for Fear the Walking Dead and the main series doing quite well too, it’s no surprise that AMC is going to try and capitalize on it a bit more without going overboard. So what can they do?

They’re looking to create a standalone special that will introduce a new character that will end up joining the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. The premise is that within a thirty minute special they’ll deal with an event on an airplane flight during the outbreak in the early stages. The report goes on to say that one of the survivors will end up appearing in the new spinoff series from this summer during its second season next year.

Interestingly, it’s being done as a web special first where it’ll be revealed in segments, which will be put together for the broadcast afterward with commercial breaks. It’s essentially taking some of the webisode material ideas and putting it on TV after all is said and done.

[Source: EW ]

AMC Prepping ‘Walking Dead’ Standalone Special