‘City Under Siege’ Gets US Distribution

‘City Under Siege’ Gets US Distribution FUNimation® Entertainment today announced it has acquired the rights to distribute the live action film, CITY UNDER SEIGE, in the U.S. This 2010 Hong Kong science fiction action film, directed and co-written by Benny Chan (NEW POLICE STORY, FIST OF FURY, and HEROIC DUO), follows a group of circus performers who go on a rampage after accidental exposure to chemical gas left by the Japanese army in WWII grants them superhuman abilities.

The film stars Aaron Kwok (seven-time Hong Kong Film Awards nominee), Shu Qi (Hong Kong Film Award winner) and Collin Chou (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, THE MATRIX RELOADED, and Jet Li’s FEARLESS).

FUNimation will offer the film on DVD and Blu-ray early next year. The film will also be shown at the 10th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas in July.

For more information about CITY UNDER SIEGE, please visit http://beta.funimation.com/city-under-seige

‘City Under Siege’ Gets US Distribution