‘Stratos 4′ Anime Begins Subtitled Hulu Distribution

‘Stratos 4′ Anime Begins Subtitled Hulu Distribution Bandai Visual started bringing out some of their series they have that have not been license rescued yet and are making a couple of bucks off of some light streaming runs, while also just keeping them out in the public sphere for accessibility. One of those was the addition of Stratos 4 back in the middle of September, which had its twelve episode run added with the English language dub. Now they’ve come back to it and have provided the series in full in its original Japanese language track with English subtitles. The 2003 series was released by Bandai Entertainment previously. The show is currently available in full on Hulu for the TV series (not the two OVAs that Bandai also licensed) and those with a Hulu Plus subscription can watch this show on your TV and mobile devices.

The series was directed by Takeshi Mori at Studio Fantasia and played up some good elements with space exploration and fanservice in a way that only anime seems to be able to do. Bandai Entertainment had licensed the original series and the two episode OVA run that was produced in 2004. Nobody picked up the two subsequent OVA series with a six episode run in 2005 and another two episode series in 2006.

Plot concept: The Earth has a defense system against large meteorites that are in collision course to it. The 1st line of defense of this protection system is the Comet Blasters based in space stations, using nuclear warheads launched by spaceships. The 2nd line of defense is the Meteor Sweepers based on ground airbases using hypersonic planes with special missiles to deal with the resulting debris from the 1st blasts. Mikaze is a troubled girl who is a trainee pilot for the Meteor Sweeper team and dreams to become a prestigious Comet Blaster pilot. Stratos 4 turns around Mikaze’s and her teammates’ challenge to become real pilots, while the Earth faces its threats that comes from outer-space.

And the previously added dubbed run:

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‘Stratos 4′ Anime Begins Subtitled Hulu Distribution