The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Episode #24 Anime Review

The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Episode #24 Anime Review

The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Episode 24

The end has come but like many endings, it’s all about new beginnings.

What They Say:
A new school year is starting with new and old faces.

The Review:
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After the emotional events of the previous episode with the graduation ceremony and the way several of the students rallied beyond the Sakura Hall kids, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou comes to its conclusion here. The show has some issues to still work with The nature of that episode may have been a bit heavy handed, but it got the end result that was needed and definitely brought everyone together in a really good way. So with that out of the way, there’s only so much you can do in a way when you essentially have an epilogue kind of episode. The first bit is to help Rita get on her way back to England so she can get on with her life and it’s a pretty fun little group event, even if it does have some pretty lip-heavy moments that are hilarious.

Jun and Misaki finally get a nice but of closure in a way, even as he’s getting ready to head off on his own adventure as he’s settled things with her in a way that says that he will be coming back and they will be moving forward together. Nanami for her part is reminded that she’s very much a part of Sakura Hall and that’s where she should return to as well. Keeping things a bit small for the way things turn after the departures is kind of surprising in a way, but welcome because of its reality as it gives us just Sorata and Mashiro together in the house. Well, you have Akasaki as well after Misaki heads off, but Akasaka doesn’t really count in a way considering the way the character has been so minimally used overall.

With it down to just these two, it’s not a surprise there that a lot of time is spent on just nudging forward their relationship a little bit more as well. The atmosphere is just right and they’ve been through so much that they can become close, in a fairly chaste way, that fits well with the way Mashiro thinks and acts. But even that is minimal as the show skips quite a few events from the original work in order to move up to when everyone comes back and we get to see the familiar faces once more and the new ones that mean more to those that have read the light novels. This does lead to some good silliness, especially confusing with Mashiro and the way Nanami deals with it, but it also has some really good tender moments as well. Mashiro’s painting doesn’t get a lot of time but it’s one that reminds you of what was and what will be.

In Summary:
The Pet Girl of Sakurasou has some good things here and it serves as a decent epilogue to everything that came, sending off the old and bringing in the new wild those in the middle advance forward. There’s not a lot in the way of serious progression here but it has some good moments as we see the growth in both Mashiro and Sorata but also the others such as Nanami who now knows where he place is. There’s a sort of breakneck speed to the second half as it goes to the new school year and plays with the new characters lightly and also because of the extensive flashback moments that come up to add a little more to what was. In the end, the show as a whole is one that I’m surprised was slotted for more than a single season, but am glad that it was as it moved on and really started to do some atmospheric and emotional sequences that stood out in a great way. I’m already finding myself looking forward to revisiting it again in the next year on home video.

Grade: B

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The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Episode #24 Anime Review