Sensation Comics #27 Review

Sensation Comics #27 Review Lois Lane brings the dirt.

Creative Staff:
Story: Cecil Castellucci
Art: Chris Sprouse, Karl Story

What They Say:
Wonder Woman isn’t exactly thrilled to be battling croco-aliens…but really, anything’s better than sitting through any more of that newspaper interview. And Lois Lane agrees! “Girls’ Day Out” part 2 of 2.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
With the first half of this two part storyline having some decent fun to it as we had Lois attempting to interview Wonder Woman before all hell broke loose, the second half doesn’t hold back as it shifts the dynamic a bit. The action component is still the big piece here, but I like that we get some decent character bits as well. There’s also the fun of technology making its way into the game here, an element that a lot of titles still don’t employ all that well. As the years have gone on, the way to tell street level superhero stories has certainly had a hard time changing because of certain changes to society, but there are some really creative things that can be done, which we do get here a little bit even if it feels just a touch superior in a way from Lois.

The arrival of the giant robot was certainly out of the blue the last time around, which is to be expected in short form storytelling like this, but it took an odd turn after it was taken out by revealing itself to be an incubator with little creatures inside that look like a cross between an Alien and a velociraptor. The creatures hit the ground running and started causing a real problem, but also got worse because they self-multiply as their offspring burst out of them and cause even more trouble ala Gremlins. There’s some good chaos amid all of this as we see Diana fighting back against them, but there’s a neat trick to really pushing back as it progresses when Lois figures out something by accident that does even more damage and then she draws in more help through the use of social media, which delights a very surprised Wonder Woman.

While the action dominates, the real fun for me is in the character material. When Diana helps Lois get out of the way, she whips her up a ladder using her lasso, which has Lois revealing a few truths in comical form that Diana promises to protect. But it’s those truths that helps Diana to see that Lois is not exactly who she thought she was and that helps her to feel a bit more at ease around her as the battle goes on. And that leads to the welcome ending sequence, where after gaining herself some civilian clothes, we see Diana extending herself in friendship to Lois in a way that will put them together as equals. There’s always a power imbalance between your average citizen and a superhero, but finding ways to bridge and balance them is half the fun when you get down to really having them interact as people.

In Summary:
The Wonder Woman stories in Sensation Comics that deals with the more traditional aspect of her as a hero have been the less than interesting installments for me in general simply because they often don’t do a lot that really engages like the other more creative stories. The team here found a good way to make Diana a bit more interesting and delve into her character a bit, though they fell into the usual trap of doing it while amid the action aspects itself, and they also made her work with Lois Lane in a way that made Lois feel like a very fun character that you want to see more of in this context as well. The pairing definitely has its moments and the overall visual design of it, the action itself and the lighter moments makes for a solidly enjoyable two part storyline.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: DC Comics via ComiXology
Release Date: March 5th, 2015
MSRP: $0.99

Sensation Comics #27 Review