Naruto: Shippuden Episode #430 Anime Review

Naruto: Shippuden Episode #430 Anime Review Killer Bee’s dreamin’ continues.

What They Say:
The Akatsuki summoned the Ten Tails, but the Princess of Rappu Castle sealed it away safely. Unfortunately, the seal will come undone on the next full moon. Now Killer Bee is determined to gather the power of all nine Jinchuriki before the next full moon and protect the princess. But one by one, adversaries who want to stop Bee appear, beginning with Itachi and Deidara, then Orochimaru, Kabuto and Sasuke!

The Review:
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Against my better judgment, I found myself enjoying the previous episode of this dream storyline for Killer Bee more than I thought I would. I’m already in a mindset, rightly or wrongly, to dislike this whole Tsukiyomi thing that’s going on because it comes across as little more than a delaying tactic at worst and a chance for some of the characters to get a little more screen time before things begin to really finish up for the series. Killer Bee is one of my least favorite characters in the series for a number of reasons but there was a good bit of fun to be had here as he interacted with the others and dealt with the circumstances thrown at him.

Killer Bee’s intention to protect the princess is your basic and simple dream-like material to be sure and it works decently enough here to get him doing what needs to be doing while also interacting with others like Gaara and Naruto in a fun way. It’s amusing to see how Fuu connects with Gaara the most when you think Killer bee is the most interested in her in a sense. What he gets to do though is come across well in explaining to her how they’re going to protect the princess and the castle, and why, with it taking on a pretty good vibe with the kind of defense that’s needed. Moving through the lands and bringing on board the other Jinchuriki characters has its moments as well, though more of that is just seeing the beasts in their cute form here. It makes me wish the series had gone with that option instead or develops a spin-off of some sort to give us something cuter and more adorable.

The episode does have some fun material as the travels continue and more are brought on and we get to see Killer Bee acting cool amid it all. The Tailed Beasts are quite cute in seeing how they interact with each other just based on their appearance alone, which salvages some of this arc for me. I also rather liked that we get Kabuto and Sasuke briefly and they almost come across as though they stepped in from the Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals show with the way they deal with everyone. The episode does build up in a pretty good way towards the end and while it may not match what we’re getting in the real battle at the moment in terms of scale, it’s a damn sight more entertaining and fun for the most part because it’s all contained within this episode. It’s well animated and a lot of fun – even if it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

In Summary:
Fun, well animated and even a bit charming, in the end this is another nothing episode for the series. I give it props for being better than a lot of the usual filler we get, and better animated, but it’s still just padding time. And nothing is more frustrating than that. I have no idea how long it’ll be before we get back to the main story and I’m sadly far too used to this kind of treatment by the show to jump off at this point, almost to where I feel I should probably be committed for sticking with it. But this two part arc is definitely worth checking out even if you’re skipping most of this dreamtime material.

Grade: B

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Naruto: Shippuden Episode #430 Anime Review